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(Transit) Chiron conjunct Neptune / Neptune conjunct Chiron

Healing Imagination


4 months - 1 year

How often:

Every 60 years.

If the transit could speak:

"As your deepest wounds meet your greatest illusions, may the waters of healing cleanse your vision."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


The transit of Chiron conjunct Neptune is a rare and deeply transformative period that invites the convergence of your most profound vulnerabilities with your spiritual and idealistic inclinations. During this time, Chiron's role as the "Wounded Healer" interacts with Neptune's domain of dreams, illusions, and higher spiritual truths. This conjunction often surfaces deep-seated wounds related to our idealism, disillusionment, or areas where we may feel 'sacrificed' or misled. It serves as a powerful catalyst for spiritual healing, where the pain of disillusionment can lead to greater spiritual awareness and empathy. The emotional waters stirred by Neptune can cleanse wounds left by Chiron, allowing for the emergence of a more compassionate self-understanding and a renewed connection to universal love. It's a period of dissolving ego boundaries to understand and heal the parts of ourselves we've neglected or misunderstood.

what to do

  • Engage in reflective practices such as meditation or journaling to explore your inner landscape.

  • Seek therapeutic help or spiritual guidance to navigate the complex feelings that arise.

  • Embrace creative outlets like music, art, or dance to express and process emotions.

  • Connect with nature or water-based environments to enhance emotional and spiritual healing.

  • Practice compassion towards yourself and others, recognizing the shared nature of suffering and healing.

what to avoid

  • Ignoring emotional pain or burying it under busyness or superficial distractions.

  • Clinging to outdated dreams or illusions that no longer serve your true path.

  • Isolating yourself or withdrawing from emotional support from others.

  • Engaging in escapist behaviors such as substance abuse or excessive fantasy.

  • Being overly critical of yourself or your spiritual journey.

  • Struggles with disillusionment or loss of faith.

  • Feelings of existential sadness or unexplained melancholy.

  • Issues related to the idealization of others or oneself.


  1. Acknowledgment: Start by acknowledging the pain and the dreams that have been disillusioned. Recognizing these is the first step toward healing.

  2. Re-evaluation: Reflect on your ideals and dreams to see if they align with your current spiritual beliefs and life reality.

  3. Spiritual Reconnection: Reconnect with your spiritual base, whether it involves organized religion, personal spirituality, or connections with universal energies.

  4. Healing Practices: Incorporate healing practices into your routine. This could be through spiritual rituals, healing modalities like Reiki, or therapy.

  5. Integration: Integrate the lessons learned from this transit into everyday life to help heal and guide others.



  • "I am open to the healing powers of the universe flowing through me."

  • "Each step in my journey is a step towards greater love and understanding."

  • "I release old wounds and welcome new dreams with a clear heart."

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