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(Transit) Mercury conjunct Pluto / Pluto conjunct Mercury

The Alchemical Messenger


3 days,

How often:

At least once a year.

If the transit could speak:

"When Mercury meets Pluto, expect the whispers of your deepest self to demand a voice."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


The Mercury sThe conjunction between Mercury and Pluto in transit is a profound aspect that invites deep introspection and transformative communication. This configuration intensifies the mental processes, promoting penetrating insights and psychological understanding. Expect conversations and thoughts to delve into normally taboo or hidden topics, unveiling secrets or things kept under wraps. It's a period when your communication has the power to influence and transform, either by revealing truths or by exposing underlying motives—both in yourself and others.

Mercury, the planet of communication, meeting Pluto, the planet of transformation, means that your words can be particularly powerful and potentially manipulative. It's a good time for research, investigation, and getting to the heart of any matter. The influence of this transit can lead you to become obsessed with a particular idea or project, especially one that involves uncovering something hidden.extile Pluto transit is a powerful aspect that encourages deep thinking and penetrative conversations. This transit brings your mental faculties to the fore, pushing you to probe beneath the surface and discover hidden truths. It's a time when your communication becomes particularly effective if you're dealing with investigations, research, or uncovering secrets. You might find yourself drawn to mysteries or intrigued by the psychological motives of others, including your own.

The energy of Pluto intensifies your thoughts and words, making this an excellent period for persuasive speech, negotiations, and influencing others. Despite the intensity, the supportive sextile aspect ensures that this power is not overwhelming but rather constructive and transformative. You're likely to experience breakthroughs in your thinking patterns, leading to powerful insights and a deeper understanding of complex matters.

what to do

  • Use this time for deep research and investigation.

  • Engage in honest, transformative conversations.

  • Reflect on your own psychological processes.

  • Write down thoughts and revelations that come to you during this period.

  • Be mindful of the power of your words—use them wisely.

what to avoid

  • Obsessing over thoughts or conspiracies.

  • Manipulative or coercive communication.

  • Overlooking the impact your words have on others.

  • Ignoring the feelings and perspectives of others in discussions.

  • Suppressing important conversations out of fear.

Typical psychological issues:

  • Anxiety due to overwhelming truths or secrets surfacing.

  • Paranoia or suspicion in communications.

  • Obsessive thinking or compulsive behavior related to a particular thought or idea.


  1. Acknowledge and Express: Begin by acknowledging the depth and intensity of your thoughts. Express these safely through writing or confiding in someone you trust.

  2. Seek Understanding: Try to understand the root of any intense thoughts or feelings. If they pertain to past events, consider exploring these with a therapist.

  3. Ground Yourself: Engage in grounding activities like walking in nature or practicing mindfulness to manage any psychological overwhelm.

  4. Channel Your Energy: Direct the intense energy of this transit into constructive projects, especially those involving research or uncovering hidden aspects of a topic.

  5. Embrace Transformation: Be open to changing your views or understanding based on new insights. This can lead to significant personal growth.



  • "I embrace the truth, however deep it lies, and use it to transform."

  • "My words are powerful tools for growth and healing."

  • "I seek understanding and depth in all my communications."

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