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(Transit) Mercury square Mars / Mars square Mercury

Cosmic Clash of Wit and War


2-3 days.

How often:

At least 2 times a year.

If the transit could speak:

"When the mind races ahead without the heart's counsel, tread carefully."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


Mercury governs communication, thought processes, and the exchange of information. When transiting, Mercury affects how we think, communicate, and perceive the world around us. These transits can bring changes in our way of expressing ourselves, learning, and connecting with others.

#perception #communication #logic #thoughts #learning


Mars is the planet of action, energy, and desire, driving our ambitions and assertiveness. When Mars transits, it influences our drive, our approach to conflicts, and our sexual energy. These transits can bring periods of increased aggression or motivation, prompting us to initiate projects or defend our boundaries.

#ego #desires #passion #decisions #actions #drive #conflicts

type of aspect:

A square is formed when planets are 90 degrees apart, creating a challenging angle that often results in tension and conflict. This aspect can force action through crisis or confrontation, pushing for resolution or change. While squares may indicate struggles or obstacles, they are also powerful motivators for growth and can help build resilience.


Mercury square Mars is a dynamic and potentially volatile transit that brings the mental agility of Mercury into a tense alignment with the aggressive energies of Mars. This aspect can manifest as a sharpness of mind that often tips into argumentative behavior or impulsive decision-making. The intellectual quickness Mercury offers is put under the pressure of Mars’s combativeness, leading to a high likelihood of disputes, verbal clashes, or hasty conclusions. This transit urges you to stand your ground and defend your beliefs, but it also challenges you to maintain composure amidst the heated exchange of ideas. It's a time when frustration can quickly build if you feel misunderstood or if you're not able to communicate as effectively as you'd like. The challenge here lies in using the penetrating insight and quick reasoning of this aspect constructively, without succumbing to irritability or impatience.

what to do

  • Engage in activities that require strategic thinking but allow for physical exertion to balance out the mental and physical energies.

  • Practice mindfulness or meditation to maintain emotional and mental clarity.

  • Prepare for discussions or debates by grounding your arguments in well-researched facts.

  • Channel your energy into constructive criticism rather than conflict.

  • Use this transit to tackle tasks that require courage and directness.

what to avoid

  • Engaging in unnecessary arguments or confrontations.

  • Making impulsive decisions without considering the consequences.

  • Overloading your schedule, which can lead to stress and irritability.

  • Neglecting to listen to others’ viewpoints.

  • Allowing frustration to manifest as aggressive or harsh communication.

  • Impulsivity in communication leading to regrets or misunderstandings.

  • High stress due to a feeling of being misunderstood or unheard.

  • Agitation and a quick temper, which can strain interpersonal relations.


To navigate through the potentially rough waters of this transit, consider adopting a more deliberate approach to communication. Slow down and think before you speak to ensure that your words convey exactly what you intend. In conflicts, strive to understand the root of the disagreement—this can often turn a potential argument into a productive discussion. Practicing active listening can also mitigate the abrasive effects of this transit by ensuring all parties feel heard, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings escalating into conflicts.



  • "I channel my passion into productive dialogues."

  • "I listen as keenly as I speak."

  • "I embrace calmness and clarity in all my communications."

spiritual mentoring

Type of work supporting personal development:

Mental: Engage in meditation practices focused on observing and controlling your thoughts. Practice conscious choice in your interpretations of events around you.

Will: Commit to exercises that enhance your discipline and ability to resist immediate gratification.

Direction and Purpose: Use this time to refine your life’s direction and find deeper motivation in your daily actions.

Emotions: Implement techniques for constructive expression of emotions, particularly those that involve verbalizing feelings without causing harm.

Yang: Embrace activities that foster a strong, active presence, reinforcing your inner masculinity or dynamic energy.


Focus on the throat chakra to enhance communication and the solar plexus chakra to boost self-confidence and personal power.

Solfeggio Frequencies:

Utilize 741Hz for solving problems and expressing yourself effectively, and 528Hz for transformation and miracles in life perception.


Mantra/Affirmation Meditation: Use the mantra "HAM" (throat chakra) and "RAM" (solar plexus) to reinforce mental reprogramming and internal narratives.

Dynamic Meditation: Incorporate spontaneous movements or dance to release pent-up energy and refresh your mind.

Yoga poses:

Include setu bhandasana (bridge pose), sarvangasana (shoulder stand), simhasana (lion pose), halasana (plow pose), and others like marjariasana (cat pose), bitilasana (cow pose), which facilitate both physical flexibility and mental release.


For Mercury: Incorporate herbs like fenugreek, lavender, and turmeric to enhance cognitive function and calm the mind.

For Mars: Use basil, garlic, and ashwagandha to boost energy levels and support dynamic actions.

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