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(Transit) Saturn sextile Chiron / Chiron sextile Saturn

Healing Inner Structure


4 months - 1 year

How often:

Two times in 62 years.

If the transit could speak:

"Through steady discipline, discover the keys to heal your deepest wounds."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


The Saturn sextile Chiron transit is a time when the structure meets the healer, where the rigidity of Saturn's discipline softens to embrace Chiron's lessons in healing and wisdom. This aspect provides an opportunity for growth through understanding and integrating painful or challenging experiences. Saturn, representing order, discipline, and responsibility, interacts harmoniously with Chiron, the wounded healer, who exposes where we are most vulnerable but also where we have the greatest potential for healing.

Under this transit, you may find that situations arise that bring attention to old wounds or unresolved issues. However, the nature of the sextile is supportive, suggesting that these challenges come with solutions and opportunities for healing rather than just hardship. It's an excellent time to address these issues systematically and patiently, applying discipline to healing processes.

what to do

  • Establish a routine that supports healing: Consider regular therapy sessions, meditation, or yoga.

  • Educate yourself about your wounds: Learning more about the root causes of your pain can be empowering.

  • Implement structure in chaotic areas of life: This could mean organizing your home or scheduling your time better.

  • Engage in mindful self-discipline: Set boundaries that protect your energy and commit to practices that enhance your well-being.

  • Seek out mentors or guides: Those who have walked the path of healing can offer valuable insight and support.

what to avoid

  • Ignoring painful issues: Avoidance can lead to bigger problems down the line.

  • Overcommitting yourself: Respect your limits to avoid stress and burnout.

  • Neglecting self-care: Discipline should also include making time for rest and recovery.

  • Being too hard on yourself: Healing is not a linear process; allow space for setbacks.

  • Isolation: While introspection is useful, total isolation can prevent you from receiving support from others.

The energy flows harmoniously – no psychological issues.

  • Step-by-step healing process:Identification: Begin by identifying the wounds or issues you want to address.
    Understanding: Learn about the psychological and emotional components of these wounds.
    Planning: Develop a structured plan for confronting and healing these issues.
    Execution: Implement the plan with regular check-ins and adjustments as needed.
    Reflection: Regularly reflect on the progress made and recalibrate your approach if necessary.
    Integration: Work on integrating the lessons learned from this process into your daily life.



  • "I embrace the lessons from my past to heal and strengthen my future."

  • "Every step in my healing journey is a step towards greater wholeness."

  • "I am patient and disciplined in my journey towards healing."

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