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(Transit) Sun sextile Mars / Mars sextile Sun

A Dance of Fiery Harmony


3-4 days.

How often:

Twice a year.

If the transit could speak:

"Embrace your courage and act with passion; this is your moment to shine brightly and conquer!"

Personal development PDF for this transit:


The Sun sextile Mars transit brings an energizing fusion of the Sun's life force and Mars's action-oriented energy, creating a harmonious balance that stimulates your inner drive and determination. During this transit, you'll likely feel more confident and assertive, with a strong sense of purpose. It's an excellent time for tackling challenging projects or pushing forward with personal ambitions. This aspect fosters both physical vitality and mental acuity, making it easier to take decisive action without the usual stress or conflict. Your enthusiasm for life is heightened, and your ability to assert yourself in achieving your goals is significantly enhanced.

what to do

  • Take the initiative on a project you've been planning.

  • Engage in physical activities that also require strategic thinking, like team sports or chess.

  • Tackle tasks that require bold, assertive action.

  • Channel your energy into productive, constructive endeavors.

  • Use this time to advance your personal and professional goals.

what to avoid

  • Overconfidence that could lead to taking unnecessary risks.

  • Neglecting to plan or prepare adequately because of heightened energy levels.

  • Overextending yourself; remember to rest and recharge.

  • Ignoring others’ input or collaboration opportunities.

  • Forgetting to temper action with wisdom and patience.

Since the energy flows harmoniously in this transit, there are generally no major psychological issues associated with it. However, it's an opportune time to leverage this positive energy to address minor psychological barriers, such as procrastination or low confidence, which might hinder personal growth.

  1. Recognize Your Strengths: Start by acknowledging your capabilities and areas of strength. This transit enhances self-confidence, making it a good time to tackle tasks you might usually find daunting.

  2. Set Clear Goals: With the assertive energy of Mars working harmoniously with your core sense of self provided by the Sun, define clear, achievable goals. Write them down and outline the steps needed to accomplish them.

  3. Take Action: Utilize this period to take decisive action towards your goals. The sextile supports smooth progress and effective results, so initiatives started now are likely to succeed.

  4. Monitor Your Energy Levels: Ensure you balance your energy. While it's tempting to go all out during this transit, maintaining a sustainable pace prevents burnout.



  1. "I am confident in my abilities and act with courage and clarity."

  2. "Every step I take is guided by my inner strength and wisdom."

  3. "I harness my energy constructively, advancing towards my goals with integrity and purpose."

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