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(Transit) Sun trine Mars / Mars trine Sun

Golden Fire of Harmony


3-4 days.

How often:

Twice a year.

If the transit could speak:

"I am the warrior guided by the light of my own sun, moving effortlessly towards victory."

Personal development PDF for this transit:

The Sun

The Sun in astrological transits acts as a spotlight on our lives, illuminating our path, identity, and individuality. Its influence in transits is potent; it highlights areas needing growth and development or affirming our existing paths. When the Sun transits another planet in a natal chart, it activates the planet's energies, enhancing or challenging them depending on the nature of the aspect.

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Mars is the planet of action, energy, and desire, driving our ambitions and assertiveness. When Mars transits, it influences our drive, our approach to conflicts, and our sexual energy. These transits can bring periods of increased aggression or motivation, prompting us to initiate projects or defend our boundaries.

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type of aspect:

Trines occur when planets are 120 degrees apart, facilitating a flow of energy that is harmonious and effortless. This aspect enhances natural talents and abilities, often bringing ease and fluidity to activities. Trines are associated with harmony, peace, and productivity, making aspects in this angle among the most favorable in astrology.


The Sun trine Mars transit is a period marked by increased vitality, assertiveness, and motivation. During this time, you find yourself equipped with both the energy and the inclination to tackle challenges head-on. It’s a favorable time for all activities requiring physical strength, leadership, and initiative. The harmonious aspect between the Sun, representing your core identity and life force, and Mars, the planet of action, results in a seamless blend of personal desires and the ability to act upon them. This transit fosters a positive environment for pushing forward personal projects, engaging in sports or physical activities, and asserting yourself in healthy ways. The increased confidence that comes with this transit can help you make significant progress in achieving your goals, as obstacles seem to diminish in the face of your inner drive and enthusiasm.

what to do

  • Initiate new projects especially those that require physical activity or leadership.

  • Engage in competitive sports or activities as your energy levels will be higher.

  • Take bold actions in personal and professional areas where you usually hesitate.

  • Assert your opinions and lead discussions as your confidence will be compelling to others.

  • Capitalize on your high energy to complete pending tasks.

what to avoid

  • Overestimating your capabilities which might lead to unnecessary risks.

  • Ignoring teamwork, as this transit also supports collaborative efforts.

  • Neglecting to plan, relying too much on energy without strategy.

  • Impulsiveness in decision-making can be tempting but remain calculated.

  • Overlooking details in the rush to act. Ensure thoroughness in your endeavors.

The energy flows harmoniously – no psychological issues.


The Sun trine Mars transit brings a harmonious flow of energy that typically doesn't involve psychological struggles. However, there are still ways to maximize this period's potential:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Begin by defining clear, actionable goals. Use this energy to start new initiatives or push existing projects. The clarity in your intentions will help direct your energies productively.

  2. Physical Activity: Engage in regular physical activities to harness this transit's vitality. This could be a great time to start a new workout regimen or participate in competitive sports that challenge you both physically and mentally.

  3. Leadership Roles: Step up in leadership roles, whether in your personal life, professional settings, or community organizations. Your natural confidence and enhanced drive make this an ideal time to take charge and inspire others.

  4. Explore Your Passions: Use this energetic phase to explore and pursue your passions. Activities you are passionate about will not only feel rewarding but will also boost your personal growth.

  5. Professional Development: This is an excellent time for professional development. Take initiative on new projects at work, seek responsibilities that challenge you, and demonstrate your capabilities to superiors.



  1. "I am confidently harnessing my inner strength to progress towards my goals."

  2. "Every step I take is in alignment with my highest purpose."

  3. "I am a positive force, and my actions inspire and uplift those around me."

spiritual mentoring

Type of Work Supporting Personal Development:

• Spiritual: Engage in activities that promote self-authenticity and being reborn, such as reflective journaling, life purpose workshops, or spiritual retreats.

• Creative: Expose yourself to various forms of art to stimulate your creative energies—attend galleries, workshops, or engage in art creation yourself.

• Therapeutic: Participate in sessions that act as an antidepressant and aid in self-discovery, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or counseling.

• Yang: Focus on balancing and strengthening the male energy within through activities like martial arts, weight training, or competitive sports.

• Work with the Body: Incorporate routines that enhance physical strength, discipline, endurance, and condition like rigorous exercise regimes or boot camps.

• Work with Will: Practice willpower strengthening exercises like celibacy or deliberate avoidance of temptations.

• Work with Direction: Engage in career coaching or personal visioning workshops to clarify the direction of your actions and to refine your life’s purpose and motivation.

• Emotions: Learn to skillfully express and manage anger through anger management classes or by learning conflict resolution skills.

Meditation Types:

• Focused Attention Meditation: Regularly practice focusing on either a real or imaginary object to strengthen will and concentration.

• Dynamic Meditation: Involve yourself in activities that allow spontaneous movements such as dance or dynamic yoga to channel energy constructively.


• "RAM": Recite this mantra during meditation or in moments of stress to harness courage, control, and the conquering of difficulties.


• Focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra to enhance self-esteem and power dynamics, and the Root Chakra for grounding and stability.

Solfeggio Frequencies:

• 528Hz (for transformation and miracles)

• 396Hz (for liberating guilt and fear)

Yoga Poses:

• Anjaneyasana (Crescent Moon Pose)

• Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

• Apanasana (Knee to Chest Pose)

• Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

• Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

• Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)

• Kumbhakasana (Plank Pose)


• Specific for Sun: Use herbs and supplements like rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, maca, lion's mane, celery, bay leaf, chia seeds, guarana, juniper, calendula, myrrh, moringa, peony, rice, rue, rhodiola rosea, St. John’s wort, sunflower, turmeric, walnut, and erinacea.

• Specific to Mars: Integrate basil, garlic, mustard, camphor, gooseberry, ashwagandha, milk thistle, coffee, and matcha to enhance the effects of Mars, boosting drive and vitality.

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