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(Transit) Sun trine Pluto / Pluto trine Sun

The Power of Tranquil Transformation


4-5 days.

How often:

2 times a year.

If the transit could speak:

"Embrace the deep currents of change; they are the harbingers of your growth and empowerment."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


When the Sun forms a trine aspect with Pluto in transit, it heralds a period of intense personal growth and transformation that occurs beneath the surface. This aspect brings a powerful undercurrent that can feel both empowering and inevitable. As the Sun symbolizes your core self, ego, and conscious mind, and Pluto represents transformation, rebirth, and the deeper, darker aspects of the psyche, this transit helps to illuminate and integrate these hidden parts of yourself. You may find yourself embracing change more readily, even if it's profound, as there's a natural flow to the process that feels less forced and more organic. The intensity of Pluto paired with the brightness of the Sun means you are likely to undergo significant personal evolution during this period, where transformations align closely with your life's purpose and true self.

what to do

  • Reflect on your personal evolution: Use this time to consider how far you've come and where you want to go.

  • Embrace changes: Whether they are internal or external, changes now will likely be beneficial and deeply transformative.

  • Eliminate outdated elements: This could be a good time to let go of old habits, relationships, or beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Empower yourself: Engage in activities that reinforce your sense of personal power and autonomy.

  • Explore your darker side: Safely explore aspects of yourself that you usually keep hidden; this exploration can lead to profound healing and understanding.

what to avoid

  • Avoid power struggles: While you may feel more powerful now, use that power wisely and avoid dominating others.

  • Don't ignore the signs of transformation: Resistance to change can be more detrimental during this transit.

  • Avoid being secretive: While introspection is beneficial, be open with your trusted ones about your transformation process.

  • Resist the urge to control everything: Allow the natural course of transformation to proceed without trying to control every aspect of it.

  • Don't rush the process: The changes occurring now may be profound, but they need time to fully integrate.

Type of work supporting personal development:

Spiritual: Focus on authenticity and the process of being "reborn" spiritually to align more closely with your life goals. Engage deeply with your inner self to discover and commit to your true purpose.

Creative: Exposure to art and engaging in activities that harness your creative energies will help channel the transformative power of this transit into productive expressions.

Therapeutic: Utilize therapies such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), holotropic breathing, and shadow work to address and release deep-seated traumas and depression.

Yang: Engage in activities that balance and strengthen the Yang or male energy within, helping to assert your power and presence in healthy ways.

Work with will: Develop skills to manage your life more effectively, mastering self-discipline and resilience through personal and professional crises.

Relationship work: Explore deeper levels of intimacy through practices like tantra, aiming to build profound emotional and physical closeness.

Transformational work: Participate in alchemical activities, rituals, and magical practices that facilitate deep internal change.

Type of meditation for this time:

Focused Attention Meditation: Use this form of meditation to enhance your willpower and concentration by focusing on either an imaginary or real object.

Pranayama meditation: This breathwork helps in releasing difficult emotions and increases oxygenation in the physical body, promoting emotional and physical healing.


RAM (Solar Plexus Chakra) and LAM (Sacral Chakra): These mantras help activate and balance these chakras, enhancing personal power and emotional stability.


Solar Plexus: Center of willpower and self-esteem.

Sacral: Source of creativity and sexuality.

Thymus: Involved in immune function and higher heart energy.

Solfeggio Frequencies:

528Hz: Transformation and miracles (DNA repair).

417Hz: Facilitates change and undoing situations.

174Hz: Provides a natural anesthetic effect.

285Hz: Helps in healing tissues and organs.

Yoga poses:

Anjaneyasana, Utthita Trikonasana, Apanasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Dhanurasana, Paripurna Navasana, Kumbhakasana: These poses will help in grounding, strengthening, and releasing energy blocks.

Utkatasana, Vajrasana, Malasana, Dandasana, Tadasana, Setu Bandhasana, Virabhadrasana II, Janu Sirsasana: Focus on these for balance, flexibility, and core strength.


General enhancements: Incorporate rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, maca, lion's mane, chaga, celery, bay leaf, chia seeds, guarana, juniper, calendula, myrrh, moringa, peony, rice, rue, rhodiola rosea, St. John’s wort, sunflower, turmeric, walnut, and erinacea into your diet to support overall health and vitality.

For Pluto: Use sandalwood, milk thistle, gotu kola, and brahmi to deepen spiritual practices and support detoxification and mental clarity.


As you move through this transit, it's important to focus on integration and acceptance. Transformation can be a powerful, life-altering experience, and with the trine aspect, it's both deep and harmonious. You can work with a therapist or a spiritual guide to help integrate these changes more smoothly. Consider journaling or engaging in creative activities like art or music, which can provide a safe outlet for expressing and understanding these deeper changes.

  1. Regularly meditate to connect with your inner self and understand the deep transformations happening.

  2. Journal your experiences and insights. Writing can help you process and accept the changes.

  3. Use affirmations to reinforce positive transformations and self-empowerment.

  4. Seek feedback from those you trust about how they see your changes. Sometimes external perspectives can offer valuable insights.

  5. Practice grounding exercises like yoga or walking in nature to stay connected to your body and the present moment.



  • "I embrace transformation and trust in the process of personal growth."

  • "I am empowered by the changes within me and around me."

  • "Each day, I am more aligned with my true self and my life’s purpose."

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