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(Transit) Venus trine Pluto / Pluto trine Venus

The Dance of Depth and Desire


5 days.

How often:

At least twice a year.

If the transit could speak:

"In the harmonious dance of Venus and Pluto, find the courage to embrace the depths of your desires."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


Venus trine Pluto is a powerful and harmonious aspect that intensifies emotional experiences and deepens connections, especially in relationships. This transit brings a magnetic pull towards things that are usually hidden, encouraging a deeper understanding of love, passion, and personal values. The energy of Venus, which governs love, beauty, and finances, harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of transformation and the subconscious, facilitating profound changes in how you relate to love and what you find truly valuable.

Under this transit, your interactions with others can become more intense yet smoothly transformative, allowing for growth in personal and shared spaces. You might find yourself drawn to experiences that have a significant emotional or psychological impact. The allure of the taboo or secretive might be stronger, urging you to explore deeper bonds and experiences that transform you from the inside out.

what to do

  • Embrace deep emotional connections.

  • Explore transformative experiences that enhance personal growth.

  • Engage in activities that require you to confront your innermost desires.

  • Utilize this time for artistic or creative expression that delves into more profound themes.

  • Consider financial investments that can lead to long-term growth, taking advantage of your sharpened instincts.

what to avoid

  • Avoid superficial relationships or interactions; this is a time for depth.

  • Steer clear of manipulative behaviors in relationships.

  • Resist the urge to control outcomes in matters of love and finance.

  • Avoid ignoring the emotional and psychological motivations behind your actions.

  • Do not shy away from necessary transformations out of fear.

Since this aspect is a trine, the energy flows harmoniously, typically presenting fewer psychological challenges. However, the profound depth of feelings involved can stir issues related to control, power dynamics, and vulnerability in relationships.


To embrace the transformative potential of this transit:

  1. Reflect on your deeper emotional needs and desires. Journaling or therapy can be beneficial.

  2. Openly communicate with loved ones about your discoveries; vulnerability can lead to stronger bonds.

  3. Practice letting go of control in relationships, allowing them to evolve naturally.

  4. Engage in meditation or spiritual practices that help you connect with your inner self.

  5. Use this period to transform aspects of your life that no longer serve you, making way for new growth and deeper connections.



  • "I embrace the transformations that deepen my relationships and self-understanding."

  • "I am open to exploring the depths of my desires to foster genuine connections."

  • "I allow love and beauty to transform me, guiding me towards my deepest growth."

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