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The Fiery Clash

(Transit) Moon square Mars


Few hours.

How often:

Each Moon Cycle.

If the transit could speak:

"If I could speak, I would tell you that I am the battleground of your deepest emotions and your fiercest will."


The Moon governs our emotions, instincts, and subconscious patterns. In its transits, the Moon touches upon our inner landscapes, influencing our emotional and psychological states. These transits can bring fleeting moods and feelings to the surface, offering insights into our inner needs and emotional well-being.


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Mars is the planet of action, energy, and desire, driving our ambitions and assertiveness. When Mars transits, it influences our drive, our approach to conflicts, and our sexual energy. These transits can bring periods of increased aggression or motivation, prompting us to initiate projects or defend our boundaries.

#ego #desires #passion #decisions #actions #drive #conflicts


Moon square Mars is an astrological aspect that brings about a tumultuous mix of emotional turbulence and assertive energy. This aspect is a square, which is an angle of 90 degrees between two planets, indicating a point of tension and challenge. When the Moon, representing our deepest emotions, subconscious needs, and instinctual responses, squares Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and desire, it creates an internal conflict between our emotional needs and our actions.

This aspect can manifest as a feeling of restlessness or irritability, where the emotional responses are swift and intense. It may make an individual quick to anger or overly defensive. People may find themselves reacting impulsively to emotional triggers, leading to conflicts in personal relationships or inner turmoil about how to assert themselves.

During this time, the challenge lies in balancing emotional sensitivity with the desire to act decisively. It can also be a powerful time for addressing issues that have been simmering beneath the surface, as this aspect can force suppressed emotions to explode forth, demanding to be acknowledged and dealt with.

what to do

  • Reflect before reacting: Take a moment to step back and assess your feelings before responding to provocations.

  • Engage in physical activity: Channel the intense energy into sports or exercises, which can also help in managing stress and anger.

  • Practice assertiveness: Use this time to practice stating your needs and boundaries clearly without aggression.

  • Seek constructive outlets: Creative projects can be a productive way to harness the dynamic energy of this transit.

  • Manage conflicts carefully: Approach disagreements with the goal of resolution and understanding, rather than domination.

what to avoid

  • Avoid impulsive decisions: Rash actions may lead to regrets later.

  • Steer clear of conflicts: If possible, delay engaging in heated debates or confrontations.

  • Don’t suppress your anger: Find healthy ways to express frustration rather than bottling it up.

  • Avoid risky activities: High-stress situations might exacerbate the impulsive tendencies.

  • Resist being overly defensive: Keep an open mind and try not to take things too personally.

DALL·E 2024-05-17 09.25.24 - A vertical illustration of the Moon cycle without any sentenc

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