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Illuminating Tensions

(Transit) Moon square Sun


Few hours.

How often:

Each Moon Cycle.

If the transit could speak:

"The challenge is not to fight, but to balance."


The Moon governs our emotions, instincts, and subconscious patterns. In its transits, the Moon touches upon our inner landscapes, influencing our emotional and psychological states. These transits can bring fleeting moods and feelings to the surface, offering insights into our inner needs and emotional well-being.


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The Sun

The Sun in astrological transits acts as a spotlight on our lives, illuminating our path, identity, and individuality. Its influence in transits is potent; it highlights areas needing growth and development or affirming our existing paths. When the Sun transits another planet in a natal chart, it activates the planet's energies, enhancing or challenging them depending on the nature of the aspect.

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Moon square Sun represents a dynamic and challenging aspect in astrology that brings internal conflict to the forefront of your emotional and personal life. This transit highlights the struggle between your emotional needs (Moon) and your ego or identity (Sun). During this time, you may find yourself caught between what you feel and what you want, creating a sense of tension or dissatisfaction. The square aspect, indicating a 90-degree angle, is known for generating friction that demands action or resolution. This tension can manifest in various ways, such as feeling out of sync with your environment or experiencing a tug-of-war between your personal and professional life. It's a moment to recognize and reconcile your inner contradictions. This period is about understanding the importance of integrating different aspects of your personality to achieve greater harmony and effectiveness in dealing with challenges.

what to do

  • Reflect on your emotional needs and ensure they are not being overshadowed by your ambitions.

  • Address conflicts head-on rather than avoiding them; this can lead to a deeper understanding of your needs and desires.

  • Use this time for self-discovery to identify what truly makes you feel secure and fulfilled.

  • Engage in activities that balance your emotional and practical sides, such as yoga or meditation.

  • Communicate openly about your feelings with those around you to avoid misunderstandings.

what to avoid

  • Suppressing your emotions to meet external expectations or to maintain appearances.

  • Making impulsive decisions driven by temporary feelings of frustration or discontent.

  • Ignoring or downplaying the signs of stress in your personal or professional life.

  • Overcommitting yourself in areas that might exacerbate the tension you feel.

  • Neglecting self-care and not allowing time for rest and reflection.

DALL·E 2024-05-17 09.25.24 - A vertical illustration of the Moon cycle without any sentenc

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