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(Natal) Chiron sextile Pluto

The Phoenix Flight of Healing and Rebirth

If the transit could speak:

"If I could speak, I'd say, 'Rise from your past wounds, and embrace the power of renewal.'"


Chiron sextile Pluto offers a supportive connection between the healing of deep wounds and transformative rebirth. This aspect fosters an empowering environment where personal growth is achieved through overcoming past traumas. The energy facilitates a smooth integration of healing and transformation, allowing for a less turbulent and more constructive transition.


  • Empowered Healing: You possess an innate ability to heal not just superficially, but at the core of deep-seated psychological wounds.

  • Resilience and Regeneration: This aspect grants a remarkable capacity for resilience, enabling you to recover and regenerate from life’s challenges.

  • Transformative Insight: You have a keen insight into the human psyche, helping others to navigate their paths of transformation with wisdom and empathy.

  • Catalyst for Change: Your presence can serve as a catalyst for positive changes in others, inspiring them to embrace their own healing journeys.


  • Intensity of Experiences: The depth of transformation can sometimes bring intense emotional experiences that require careful navigation.

  • Facing Dark Truths: You may be compelled to confront uncomfortable or painful truths as part of the healing process.

  • Overwhelming Responsibility: The ability to influence and heal others can sometimes feel like a heavy responsibility.

how to integrate
this aspect

  1. Ongoing Self-Reflection: Engage in continuous self-reflection to understand and integrate the transformations occurring within.

  2. Support Networks: Maintain a support network that can provide emotional grounding and perspective during intense transformations.

  3. Therapeutic Practices: Utilize therapeutic practices that align with deep healing, such as psychotherapy, energy healing, or meditation.

  4. Educational Growth: Continually educate yourself about psychological and spiritual healing to enhance your skills and understanding.

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