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(Natal) Venus sextile Chiron

Harmonious Healing

If the transit could speak:

"Embrace your wounds with love, for they are gateways to your greatest healing."


Venus sextile Chiron is a favorable astrological aspect that enhances the potential for healing and growth through relationships. This aspect encourages embracing vulnerabilities and using them as a source of strength, leading to profound emotional healing and self-discovery. It often indicates an innate ability to heal through love, beauty, and harmony.


  • Healing through Love: Promotes healing of old wounds through relationships, fostering deeper connections.

  • Enhanced Empathy: Increases the ability to empathize with others, helping to soothe and heal their emotional pains.

  • Creative Growth: Encourages the use of artistic or creative outlets as a form of therapy and self-expression.


  • Over-Sensitivity: May lead to heightened sensitivity to others' pain, which can be emotionally draining.

  • Avoidance of Conflict: The desire to maintain harmony might result in avoiding necessary confrontations.

how to integrate
this aspect

  • Embrace Vulnerability: Use personal and relational challenges as opportunities for growth and healing.

  • Therapeutic Creativity: Engage in creative activities that express and process emotional experiences.

  • Foster Open Communication: Encourage honest dialogue about vulnerabilities and needs in relationships.

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