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Ahimsa – non violence

Ahimsa is the first of the 10 yamas and means "non-violence", "non-abuse". It means total respect for all life. It recommends the complete elimination of killing other living beings, and the removal of both physical and psychological violence. Ahimsa allows violence only in the form of self-defense when it is necessary.

Where did such a moral principle come from?

Why is it beneficial to put it into practice?

First, be aware of the Law of Oneness (LINK HERE). Once you know that harming other beings is harming yourself and the entire system of life, it becomes easier to delve further into this topic. Ahimsa means respect for all life, and it means not destroying the world of plants and fungi, not killing animals (including insects) and other people. It is respect for the Divine Experiment - the Act of Creation. Ahimsa is the content of the first Buddhist precept and the fifth Christian commandment. Unfortunately, in the case of the latter, a large proportion of believers still do not understand the concept of Divine Oneness and consider it the norm to kill animals that they do not recognize as "children of God."

Let us now address a few issues that exist on a global scale

that contradict the Ahimsa principle:

  • Eating meat (eating other beings).

There is no doubt that eating meat contributes to killing other beings and disrespects their lives. There are still a huge number of meat eaters in the world who believe that the only way to stay healthy is to eat meat. I (the author of the post) have been vegan for many years, and I am better than ever! Of course, removing meat from my diet required some basic knowledge of how to balance my meals in such a way that the amount of nutrients was sufficient, but it doesn't take long and it's really simple! If you think humans are a natural carnivore, then compare the teeth of a cow, a human, and a cat. Consider the main diet of primates. Consider whether carnivorous animals live in nature to kill for sport and taste, or do they play an important role in regulating the numbers of herbivores? Nature creates everything in accordance with the principle - “everything is needed and complements each other. Everything is compatible." If there were no carnivores, the number of herbivores would significantly reduce the number of plants and multiply to a level where starvation and competition for food would be the norm. In nature, predators reduce the number of herbivores by hunting weaker, old, and tired individuals. Man does not need meat to survive, nor does it have a regulatory function. It also does not eat the meat of sick or tired organisms, but looks for those who are healthy and full of life. As a result of the creation of a large number of farms for slaughter, forests are cut down and the soil is depleted, and the animals that occur naturally in the area suffer. Why? Just because some people want to taste meat in their mouths and don't want to 'waste' some time to spend 3 days learning plant-based nutrition and a few months to fully change their lifestyle? Some people explain themselves that they buy meat because it is in the store anyway, but it is demand that drives the supply, not the other way around! In addition, there is the law of karma, which means that if the social norm is to kill other beings, then killing people does not seem so distant and strange. War, murder, and criminal activity are normal. The entire system of disrespect for life fuels karmic situations that affect an entire civilization. All because laziness, deeply held beliefs about the need to eat meat, and ignorance continue to win in some people's lives. Finally, I would like to add that food has its own vibration, and you can guess the vibration of the meat of animals that have experienced captivity, misery, a sense of loss, limited contact with other animals, and horror at the time of death (and the steroids and chemicalized food with which they are fed).

  • Consuming dairy products and eggs.

Why is this also a symptom of breaking Ahimsa's principle? Did you know that in the milk factory, only when the cow gives birth to a female calf, it is preserved, and the male calves are killed? Did you know that those cows that survive never experience the feeling of freedom in life and are treated like objects owned by the breeder? Did you know that these cows are often tired, and their mammary glands are sore and swollen? Did you know that they often leak pus or blood into the milk? The producer will tell you that the milk is fully refined, but even if it is, can you hear what it sounds like? Imagine if there was a human in their place... Did you know that in the milk of every animal mother (including human milk) there are opioid proteins (from the same group as heroin), which create the "natural dependence" of the young organism on the mother. Nature has created such a mechanism for such an organism to associate food with a feeling of bliss and security. This way it will surely eat and grow. Did you know that cheese is the most abundant in this type of protein? Have you ever noticed how many people love cheese and the feeling of bliss that comes with it? Is it natural? Is it natural for an adult organism to become dependent on another organism's mother's milk? For narcotic purposes? Of course, no one will call it that way, because it is common to talk about it in a gentle and ignorant way - it's just "the innocent experience of eating." So, what would you call eating to feel better, and the fact that when you stop taking it, you experience a significant feeling of lack for the first 90 days and compulsive thoughts to get back to eating it? Think for yourself. Let me just add that stealing eggs from chickens, even if they are not fertilized, is still not a procedure that people need to survive. It's like saying that baby lion cubs need to eat human placenta and umbilical cords in order to survive. None of these things! Neither them nor us need it to stay alive. Finally, I would like to add that huge spaces are used for the cultivation of cereals, which are used to feed farm animals, and for this purpose natural ecosystems are destroyed. The more people on Earth, the more farm animals that produce lots of methane (a strong greenhouse gas) and need more and more food and space (less and less forests -> more polluted atmosphere -> cardiovascular problems). Is it worth going in this direction as a civilization that is so intelligent, aware? At the same time proclaiming how terrible it is to kill innocent people, torture, or abuse?

  • Deforestation and destruction of ecosystems.

Forests, underwater pastures, and algae are the main producers of oxygen on Earth. They convert the carbon dioxide exhaled by living organisms and make oxygen from it. They support the circulation of elements in nature and ensure the harmony of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, also in this case human ignorance and the pursuit of money knows no boundaries. People still lack thinking about the future, not just one week, month or year ahead. The fewer forests there are - no matter why they were cut down - the fewer there are transformers of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Think for yourself what will happen to future generations if everyone continues to think selfishly only about themselves. Consider what you need more - oxygen or meat? Oxygen or factory-made items? Consider whether you need fresh air, or whether you can live in an atmosphere where a lot of pollution will be the norm. When carbon dioxide (unchanged due to deforestation) and methane (mass produced by livestock) change the climate across the planet, tell me was it worth it? Do you even know what climate change means? Are you aware that this is unpredictable when it is over catalyzed by man rather than nature? This can mean droughts and devastating storms in areas where there has been no previous history of them. The climate can change so quickly that hardly any organism can adapt to such rapid changes. Chaotic weather phenomena such as tornadoes, heat waves, and extreme temperature spikes may be the norm. Plants that have so far grown in our lands and provided food for us or for animals will have a problem and may not survive. There may be deserts in places where they have not existed yet. Sea levels will rise, and some islands and the local population will have to move. The intense heat will kill people en masse. Hunger can occur in many countries that live in abundance today! We are very dependent on whether we live in harmony with the Biosphere, Atmosphere, Geosphere and Hydrosphere! Let's stop hurting other creatures and finally start thinking for ourselves and for the future - as befits an adult species.

  • War, rape, physical and psychological violence, murder and others ...

Finally, there are issues such as human interactions, filled with harm on a physical or mental level. Such phenomena include rape, murder, wars, psychological abuse, slavery, torture, and others. Why do I list them last? Because, in my opinion, they are the result of the worldwide acceptance of killing another creature, including animals. If we agree at least a little that it is possible to harm other creatures for certain purposes (such as for meat, sport, or fur), then it is easier to believe and agree that it can also be done in relation to people, for territory, for showing an act of domination and for other reasons that I don't even want to imagine. This is behavior at the level of herd animals that are struggling to survive, and people like to pretend so much that they no longer function at the animal level. If this is true, then I recommend that we start acting like a conscious being as soon as possible. Such a being that does not allow any form of harm to any living creature into the mind! There should be no exception to this! The law should protect and care for other living creatures, as Man, as a species, no longer has to worry about survival issues, and other creatures do! Wars, rape, and all aggression will disappear when we stop agreeing to any ways of harming our lives - completely and 100% say NO to this way of thinking.

How to practice Ahimsa?

  • Don't hurt yourself - remember about caring for your body and friendly internal dialogue.

  • Develop compassion and empathy.

  • Promote love, care, service and support. Don't get into debates with aggressors and tyrants.

  • Promote peace instead of war. Promote informed, respectful conversations instead of arguing.

  • Honor all beings of life, not just human beings.

  • Become a vegan (if you eat meat and dairy, start at least vegetarian). Stop participating in the mass slaughter of animals. The next step will be the conversion of civilization to Bretarianism, as it will not be possible to adapt otherwise with such large numbers of people.

  • Stop killing animals for sport (hunting, poaching) or for animal materials such as fur, leather etc. Don't support this industry and make people aware of it.

  • Do not tolerate any act of physical, verbal or psychological aggression. Offer such people love and help, but if they are not interested, throw them out of your life. Love yourself enough not to surround yourself with the energy of killing or harming.


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