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How can you grow spiritually? Part 1

It's time to talk about methods to develop spiritually. In this article you will learn about the most important ways and journeys to achieve spiritual growth (development). Are you ready to dive deeper into this topic with me? Let's go!


It's worth starting by explaining what vibration increase is. I won't delve into the details of the law of attraction and the law of vibration this time, as I'll write about that another time. For now, I'll just say that the entire world is built on vibrations that form the variants (paths) of life. What does it mean exactly? Imagine that there are different energy channels (similar to TV channels), and each of these channels is built on a different emotional energy. If you're angry, thoughts belonging to scenarios of the vibration channel you're on (in this case, anger) will appear. The mind is a tool for receiving and sending thoughts. It is responsible for attracting specific situations into our reality. If you want your life to be like a fairy tale but you constantly reside on a lower vibration, the chance of your dream coming true is low. It's like constantly switching to a horror channel while looking for a good comedy. Most often, people don't take responsibility for their minds (living in fear and resentment), while at the same time, they want to attract happy scenarios. It's not possible! The first step is to learn how the law of attraction and the law of vibration work. What does it mean that everything has vibrations? The situation is similar to playing the guitar. If we strike one string in a room full of guitars, that same string will start vibrating on other guitars. No one touched them, no one moved them, yet they start playing. Similarly, it is with vibration. Imagine that a person is an instrument emitting various vibrations – different emotional sounds. In such a situation, everything in life resonates on the same channel, begins to vibrate, and resonates with that person. When they play the vibration of joy, they attract all situations playing on the same vibration. The most common mistake people make in terms of vibration is trying to change scenarios instead of changing the channel. We see this even in human tendencies when people complain about what others are doing or write negative comments on social media, instead of changing the channel and going where something resonates with them. Conclusion? If you want to improve the state of your life, take responsibility for your mind and emotions, and start steering them to tune into the energy channels where the storyline you desire is playing.


Another inherent issue of spiritual development is expanding awareness, that is, transforming ignorance into wisdom. More on this in the article on Consciousness (you can find it in the Wisdom à Reality section). In short, the expansion of consciousness is the acquisition of new, proven, universal truths accepted by the mind and experience. Consciousness only expands to wisdom, never to beliefs, theories, knowledge, or guesswork. To expand consciousness, consider life as a place of learning and try to learn from life with humility, knowing that it wants the highest good for you. Everything that happens to you is the result of a lack of awareness about something - you may not have known that it is the mind that draws situations into your life through emotions and thoughts. Only when you check it and experimentally confirm it, will you become truly aware of it. As long as we live in ignorance, certain difficult situations repeat themselves in our lives, they make us suffer. This is an opportunity to learn how to consciously enter a higher level, to become one day the creator of reality. This is the path by which we all discover gradually the truths that liberate us from the karmic cycles. Expanding consciousness is necessary for spiritual development.


There are many spiritual paths that accelerate and optimize our development. Spiritual evolution is quite a challenge, and various spiritual schools and paths help to understand and improve it. I am not able to name one and the best spiritual path for you, as it would be limiting. I myself believe that the best path is one that resonates with you in the here and now. Perhaps in five years you will feel a different path calling you - this is perfectly normal, and you should follow that path. Among the various spiritual paths, one should mention those related to Yoga, philosophical currents of the Far East, shamanism, esotericism, magic, certain elements of psychology and many, many others. Personally, after studying and practicing many different spiritual paths, for the moment I chose the path called Raja Yoga. If you want to know more about Raja Yoga, I refer you to various external sources, including Wikipedia. Why is it so important to find a spiritual path? This has many advantages! First, it makes it easier for you to find people who are also on this path. You will find them in places with such people. Thanks to people who are at a similar stage of spiritual development, you can broaden your perspectives and grow even faster and enlarge your support network! It will give you a sense of belonging and understanding. Second, following the spiritual disciplines is like following a path that will surely be effective. Many people have walked this path ahead of you with good results! There are many other pluses, such as helping to maintain discipline, actual development, and more.


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