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Is fear a bad thing? Is fear something to be afraid of? How can fear be Your friend?

Fear is a sensation that most of find negative, difficult and unhelpful in most situations of life. Let’s be honest, most of us doesn’t have to face fighting with the tiger, but at the same time all of us know how it feels to be afraid of something. Is fear helpful? What is it trying to tell us? Can we use it for our own advantage?

Fear is like anti-motivation because what we fear is what limits ourselves. What we fear, is what we reject. What we fear is what we try to avoid instead of facing it. Why? Just for sake of comfort as fear doesn’t taste like one. When there is fear, there is no comfort. When there is fear, there is no pleasure. Fear can be sensation of the obstacle, limitation in the path of growth. It points at most important lessons in Your life. Most people don’t like the idea of diving into the unknown, idea of taking risk, because when there is risk, there is no control. You wish You had this path under control but because you don’t You try to avoid it. However, You need to know that most of opportunities for growth lies out of the comfort zone.

Fear can also be a symptom of a karmic lesson – the big one. If you go through the process, there is always breakthrough on the other side. Use love, trust the process and guidance. There is always expansion at the end of the tunnel of fear: new options and insights await there for You. When you transcend specific fear, you become stronger. Now you will be able to create new, better future in Your life. Use fear as a guide to precious lessons, to Saturnian blockages. Overcome fear by going through it and you will set in motion new, brighter events in Your life. Fear is like a sensation of something very precious but totally unknown on the radar. When You overcome it, it updates the game of life with options that were unavailable before.

What about courage? Well, courage happens when You channel the energy of stress and fear into fire of action. You stay focused on the positive outcome. It is like going through the darkness with the light of faith. How can You achieve state of courage? First, You need concentration in order to stay focused and present during the phase of going through the darkness of fear. You can develop such a skill with meditation, pranayama, etc. Secondly, You need enough energy and consciousness – You need enough vital energy to go through the fear. This one, can be achieved by healthy lifestyle, exercises regularly, etc. Last, but not least, it could be helpful to remember that You live Your life for Yourself, for Higher Self, for God and that You can be an authentic self and achieve Your dreams. You can trust and You can melt fear with courage. You should also remember that there is a lot of growth when you are out of comfort zone, when You transcend Your fears.

Do not let need for comfort limits You. It is not fear that limits You itself, but Your obsession about feeling comfortable. You will create comfortable life in time, but not by staying in the same place, but by transcending limitations, going through fear, evolving and expanding. Fear is Your guide – it gives You warning about moving out of comfort zone, so You can be prepared for the lesson. Accept the discomfort, get rid of need to control everything around and move through fear with grace. Create better relationship with fear. Let it be Your guide to know when it’s time to turn on the courage.


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