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Methods for spiritual development - Pt.2

It's time to continue our journey on ways for spiritual growth and evolution. Are you ready to learn more methods that will make it easier for you to reach higher vibrations? Let's go!


Since spiritual development is a personal and internal phenomenon, why do so many people work with healers? What exactly is healing? Well, the word "heal" (from English "to heal") comes from the Old Germanic word meaning "to restore the whole of being, restore the fullness of health." Unlike treating, which focuses on removing disease, healing focuses on restoring and maintaining full health. It can be said that treating is about removing the consequences of our lifestyle or karmic manifestation, while healing is about tuning a person's energy to a harmonious state in which the person is aware of their energy, causes and effects, and that is why negative consequences stop appearing in their life. Such a person becomes healthy, aware and opens up to his highest potential. Healing focuses on the interior and responsibility for oneself, and treatment (especially pharmacological) on the outside world and avoiding consequences. Each person is a powerful being, capable of healing himself. So why is a healer needed? A healer is a person who has a number of tools, skills and abilities that can accelerate the insight and understanding of the processes, karma and spiritual energy of another person (client). The healer has high vibrations, which allows him to create a field of high energy resonance. It is this field that helps the client rise to an intermediate vibration between himself and the healer. It can be said that the healer supports the client in awakening his potential and activating vibrations in which the client will gain insight and understanding, and his body will heal. The healer helps to release emotional, mental and spiritual blockages and advise on the path of spiritual development. It is worth working with a healer!


There are a whole host of plants and fungi that have healing properties. Each being of consciousness has its own wisdom and abilities. That is why we are able to learn a lot from plants and fungi. Despite their inconspicuous appearance, they are very intelligent beings who, when treated with respect, show us a lot about the world, life and ourselves. Some of them teach us through the body, others can penetrate our mind and show us visions. Many of them heal, as we can learn by studying Ayurveda. Ashwagandha can teach us peace, rhadiola brings back the energy of life and joy, cannabis open to a relationship with pleasure and food, and chamomile shows how to soothe the mind. These are just a few examples from the enormous list of plants. Each of them teaches something different and each is unique. There are also psychedelic plants such as Ayahuasca (a decoction of two plants), psychedelic cacti, and others. Remember that these are very strong plants and should be worked with in the company of a highly experienced shaman in a country where they are legal. These types of plants can significantly influence our spiritual development, evoke powerful, groundbreaking insights and awareness. In my experience, they are a powerful tool that requires great humility and trust as well as a lot of own work (integration of experiences). On the one hand, each healing plant can be used for insight, learning, short-term therapy, and on the other hand, as an emergency aid when life lessons are too difficult for us. It is worth saying, however, that they should be treated as teachers, not saviors. They must not become a source of addiction, but only a source of inspiration or temporary help - only in this way will it help us grow in responsibility and strength. In addition to plants, there are also a number of medicinal mushrooms, incl. Shitake, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Psilocybin Mushrooms. Remember that they should not be your way to escape responsibility and self-sufficiency, but only a means to understand your processes!


It is impossible to say about spiritual growth without mentioning the way of life. Note that if you develop love and self-care, your body becomes the temple of your spirit. The more you treat it with love, the more toxic substances and habits must disappear from your life. It is hard for me to imagine someone who fully loves his body, and at the same time is addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol regularly. It is not possible to take responsibility for yourself and at the same time say that it is an addiction and you have no influence on it or explain it with professional stress, difficult childhood and others. Everything that is difficult in life requires you to meet it face to face, strengthen yourself and rise above this level. As we raise our vibration level, many habits, activities, and types of food disappear from our lives. If we become people who don't kill and don't want other creatures to be killed, then we stop eating meat. If we want to be strong-willed, we get rid of addictions. If we want to get rid of fear, we reprogram our mind, get rid of guilt, and fill ourselves with forgiveness and trust. If we want to give ourselves to this world and realize our highest potential, we don't spend 3 hours a day on Netflix or computer games. We stop running from the world and start falling in love with life with our full participation. If we do not believe in slavery, we stop consuming milk from slave sources. Personally, I suggest that you give up dairy products completely - it contains addictive opioid proteins, which are used to make the young maintain a sense of dependence on mother's milk and eat them willingly. The highest doses of these proteins are found in cheese, which is why there are a lot of people who cannot imagine their life without cheese. No wonder, after all, they are addicted, and each recovery from addiction increases unsatisfied hunger - the feeling of lack. It is also known that if we want to stimulate the energy in our body, we will move more (depending on the possibilities). Generally speaking, spiritual growth requires the replacement of low-vibration habits with those that increase our energy, vibration, vitality and will to live. Eating should give you strength, not make you feel very tired after a meal. Food should be for health, not for compulsive temptation.


There are even more ways for spiritual development, such as gaining knowledge on various topics and finding valuable inspiration for yourself and your development. Nature is the best teacher! It is important, however, not to become dependent on the acquisition of knowledge, because knowledge, devoid of action and practical change in life, cannot expand your consciousness (which is the purpose of life). Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Knowledge should be a source of inspiration, guidance, and motivation, but never the ultimate goal. People who are stuck in the cycle of acquiring only knowledge very often begin to intellectualize their whole reality - they have an explanation for everything. This opens more doors to ignorance as they explain any lack of awareness more easily with ever more exquisite arguments. It is not helpful for such people and blocks their development. So remember to have a place in life for knowledge, but also for practice. There are plenty of other spiritual nuances and ways, but I think I have listed the most important ones.


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