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Planets as Gods and man as a spiritual actor in the theater pt 1/2

What if we looked at the planets and stars as the ancient Greeks looked at their Gods? What if we recognized their superiority and tried to understand their intentions. What if we thanked them, prayed to them, or asked for their support? In this article I will tell you why I take the approach that the planets are Gods and man takes part in the Theater of the Gods.

It is just an illusion that we are something separate, separate from the Oneness of creation. In fact, we are all inextricably connected to the entire cosmos, expressing its energies at the same time. We can be said to be beings who express cosmic energies during their lives. Each of these energies requires something different from us. Each of these energies (planets, asteroids, stars) carries something that needs to exist on Earth. Please treat everything I share below with an open mind. This is just one of many perspectives on looking at the entire Work of Cosmic Creation. However, I admit that I love this perspective and I am happy to share it with you.


Now imagine that every Star that exists in the Universe belongs to the Canon of Higher Deities. Each Star is a portal of the life-giving energy of the Source. Each such Star is what determines the occurrence of life and the archetypal character of this life. Each star is a source of a different, unique consciousness. This is why stars in the constellation Aquarius have a different consciousness than those in the constellation Taurus. Each Star represents some energy and has a character. The light it emanates reaches the Earth, traveling across the entire Galaxy, and causes a human being who is being born to have a number of specific features. It is the Stars that determine the types of energy and consciousness. The planets only modulate the range of these features, e.g. Saturn in Pisces causes the features of Pisces to appear, but in conjunction with the range of Saturn's effect.

The Sun is therefore our closest Higher Deity. It gives us life, light and warmth. It determines what life looks like in this planetary system. It's hard to say what life is like in other systems without going there first (physically, astrally, or in the past). The Sun, worshiped in many cultures (including the Egyptian one, where it is called Amun Ra), designates our Self and type of the Spirit. The Sun gives us the Right to Live, the power of creativity, a sense of presence, vital energy and awareness. These are extremely powerful gifts. From this perspective, the Sun is the most important energy in us, which makes us live and allows us to strive for our goals. It brightens our path and energizes us to complete the "Solar Mission". The more we stray from the path our hero should take, the more energy we lose. The Sun is no longer our ally. Depressive symptoms, photophobia, and lack of energy for life may then appear. The Sun is the Spirit within us that wants to express itself. It's a light that wants to shine. Our task is to allow Life Energy to flow through us and express itself in an authentic way. We sense our Sun when we feel radiant and full of life force. The Sun is the light that guides us. Depending on the background of which Stars the Sun was at the time of our birth, our vital energy, creativity and life direction are different.


As for the planets, they are like Middle Order Deities who must recognize the superiority of the Stars, but they themselves introduce further threads into the Life Project created by the Higher Deities. Planets add more dimensions to Life and make the Spectacle of Human Life even more interesting! Man explores multidimensionality and multithreading. The planets closest to the Sun are Personal Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), while those located further away influence societies and global threads (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

The first Deity of the Middle Order (planet) is God Mercury. It is closest to the Sun and therefore tries to understand it. Mercury tries to divide the energies that flow naturally in life into concepts, ideas and names. It is the part of us that wants to understand, gain knowledge and exchange information. Mercury wants to write and speak and does it effectively. This Deity gives us the Right to have our own lenses through which we see reality (perception) and the ability to write our own life narrative. It is up to us what thoughts we let into our minds and how we interpret reality. Unfortunately, along with the right to build your own narrative and perception, there is a chance to create illusions and self-deception. Mercury requires us to communicate, think, acquire new information and share it with the outside world. It gives us logic, curiosity and the desire to explore the area.

Another Deity of the Middle Order is the Goddess Venus. It is closer to us than Mercury, but farther from the Sun. Venus allows us to separate in this life what is more and less important to us. It helps us build a value system and allows us to value some things over others. It shapes our taste and helps us set our priorities. This means that we can choose what suits us better. Venus gives the Right to Pleasure, and just as Mercury valued relationships based on the exchange of information, Venus values them due to the compatibility of values and similar taste. Venus gives us the feeling of falling in love when we encounter something that has great resonance with us - that creates harmony with us. Venus gives us magnetism and shows that we can attract resources by emanating love for ourselves and others. It requires us to rest, relax, build a system of values, beauty and love.

Before I talk about the next Planet, it is time to mention the Lower Order Deity, which, due to the fact that it is closest to our planet, has power that exceeds the Middle Order Deities. We're talking about the Moon Goddess. It is the celestial body that lies closest to our planet. It orbits around it and stabilizes its orbit. That is why the Moon symbolizes, on the one hand, the need for stability (comfort zone) and security, and on the other hand, closeness and building it with others. As the Moon orbits the Earth, it teaches us that closeness requires trust, care and connection. It gives us the Right to Weakness and the need to be taken care of. The Moon reminds us of the role of the Mother and the role of the Child. Each of us has our own fears and sometimes needs support and care. The Moon requires us to find an environment that provides a sense of mental comfort and meets the basic needs of closeness to others. It modulates emotions and the subconscious.

The next Deity of the Middle Order is Mars, which is located towards the cosmic vacuum, unlike the earlier Deities who, from the perspective of Earth, were directed towards the Sun. It is this feature that makes us individualistic. Something within us separates us from Oneness and tries to see itself as something independent. Mars fuels our ego. It gives us strength and motivation. It strengthens our self-confidence and teaches us to remember ourselves and our goals. The more we act against our will, the more anger will arise. Mars then shows a face striving for conflict. He is the God of War and is not afraid of battle. It requires desires and actions aimed at their fulfillment. It helps us harden our will so that we are stronger and can always choose in harmony with ourselves. It gives us the right to individuality, but we have to fight for our own.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be found in the second part.


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