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Satya: truthfulness and authenticity

Satya, when translating Sanskrit, means truth or essence. It can be understood as being truthful in thought, speech and action. It occurs both in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Christianity (it exists as the commandment: "Do not bear false witness"). In yoga, it means refraining from distorting reality and falsehood (in one's own statements and actions). Satya is also about purity in being authentic - proclaiming your truth and being in harmony with it. Satya is a virtue that leads us from delusion to truth, from the darkness of ignorance to the light of universal truths.

Consequences of lying and modifying the truth.

Let's start with the fact that, according to the law of karma, we will reap what we sow. If we modify reality and share false versions of it with others, we will attract appropriate karmic reflections. Other people will tell us lies, and we won't be aware of it. Why is this? They were also unaware of our "little lies." In accordance with the law of vibration, we attract more of the energy that we emit ourselves. This is why we will attract more people who also modify the truth. So we will be in an environment where there is uncertainty as to what is actually honest and true. Let us note, however, that it is not us who will choose in which topics someone "has the right" to speak the truth, and in which they can change it. It is much simpler: if we modify the truth on the topic we choose, we meet people who also do it on the topics they choose. The topics do not have to be the same - it is only important that everyone chose them himself. Do you want to surround yourself with people who aren't honest? Instead of trying to change them, start with yourself. Outer reality is just a mirror of your internal reality, so by choosing the truth, you will start attracting new, sincere people. The reflection in the mirror will change in response to your inner, personal transformation. You can find more about the mirror effect and spiritual development HERE

How does lying or modifying the truth affect us?

People who lie or modify the truth are more likely to fall into illusions about themselves. If the norm is to choose reality as it does not exist or as it is more convenient, then it is easier to choose illusoryly as a habit. Instead of changing the story about reality, we can open up to new experiences and color our lives so that the story is actually true. If we want to see ourselves objectively, we must begin by admitting what is real in our world. You have to sift your fantasies out of reality. You have to stop using your imagination to create illusions because of your own laziness and lack of responsibility for life. Instead, you can start to be more creative and bring more innovation to your life. There is nothing wrong with a fantasy itself as long as it serves as a foundation for attracting desired sensations and inspiring situations, people or places. However, if the fantasy begins to affect the sense of reality, it only increases the level of ignorance and confusion in life. Besides, there is also the possibility of becoming addicted to fantasies - making yourself feel better by using illusions, escaping responsibility for your real life. I would like to add that it is the problem of insincerity towards oneself that gives rise to many other problems, such as: idealization of oneself (narcissism) or of a partner, self-exaltation or underestimation of self-worth, uncertainty about what happened, lack of trust in the words of another person (we know subconsciously that he may not be telling the truth), suspiciousness and much more.

The next step is authenticity.

Another very important point is the ability to express your truth. This is the next stage after you choose and apply honesty into your life. It may not be that simple if we grew up in an environment where there was no place to be ourselves or where being authentic was not praised - it was not accepted by parents, school, friends. How can you be real when you are used to denying your true nature? How to be real when you got used to adjusting yourself to your surroundings (like a chameleon)? How to be real when you've learned for years to ignore your needs and block your expression? How to be real when you are not sure who you are at all? It has to be worked through! In this article, I will not focus on it because the topic is extensive, but let me just say briefly that you will need to reconnect with what makes you happy and with what brings you inner peace. You may find it helpful to work with a healer or psychologist. Coming back to authenticity ... When we are honest with ourselves and others, then some known and common phenomenon disappears. Have you ever seen a man who, depending on who he spends time with, adjusts and acts completely differently? This is a symptom of a lack of authenticity. It is a search for compensation for a childhood devoid of acceptance (usually full of criticism), and a mechanism that helps us gain apparent acceptance at the expense of our own authenticity. An authentic person, on the other hand, is one who is not afraid to be himself, easily expresses his truth and shares it with the world. Such a person chooses people in his life who are compatible with his way of being. Authenticity is the result of self-love and courage focused on sharing honestly with the world. Authenticity is the next step towards being truthful - telling the truth.

Discovering the objective reality - universal truths.

Man comes to Earth to discover in himself qualities that require harmonization and to open himself to understanding reality, including the laws that govern it. More about it HERE. There are an infinite number of perspectives of looking at reality, but each such perspective is only a concept or theory that facilitates understanding yourself, life and reality. No perspective is a reality in itself, but merely a model that tries to describe it. Information is not the same as being. Words are maps of reality - not reality itself. There is one divine reality governed by universal laws, and we, in the course of our spiritual maturation, gradually discover it. This is done through the awareness-expanding process (be sure to read about it HERE. Expanding your awareness is opening yourself to the universal truth. Man's spiritual mission begins when he obtains a high level of wisdom, vibration, and understanding of universal truths. He then begins to feel the need to share universal truth with people so that everyone can access it and rise above the level of ignorance. The highest level of Satya is proclaiming universal truth in a way that is authentic with your unique personality. The highest level of Satya is preaching "divine truth".


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