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What is a cosmogram and why is it a useful tool for self-development?

A natal cosmogram is a chart generated by the program, showing the position of the planets in the sky at the exact moment of your birth (according to your place of birth).

Such a chart can be created for free (HERE) or during an individual session with an Astrologer (you can book HERE). In the first case, it happens that the zodiac and house system we choose may not be the most precise one, which means that the interpretations will not be as accurate and consistent with reality. If you work with me, you can count on interpretations that will be more consistent with reality. This is because I have been researching the consistency of astrological systems for several years with the intention of finding the one that is closest to the truth. Years later, I chose two systems that are not as popular publicly. I have always been interested primarily in the truth, not in following the crowd.

A natal chart is an extremely powerful tool from which we can extract a lot of information. To simplify the understanding of what information can be obtained thanks to it, let's briefly look at several elements that can be found in a cosmogram.


The basic spiritual information that we can find in a cosmogram is the position of two extremely important celestial bodies.

  1. THE SUN - a kind of your conscious, creative Spirit giving you life and fueling you in it. This is the "starter" factor. It is the part of us that recharges our batteries and makes us want to live and strive for our goals. The Sun describes the type of life we have to live and how our Spirit wants to express itself. The Sun is the goal of our existence and we strive to fulfill it. Disturbances in the functioning of the Sun result in depression or diseases that disturb vitality. The sun is the need for self-realization and life fulfillment.

  2. THE MOON - the type of your Soul and what you hide in its libraries. It is the manifestation of Spirit in the world of matter. It is your unconscious, reflexes, need for a comfort zone and the personality you create to meet the need to live in the physical dimension. It's your sensitivity and feeling the world through emotions. Disturbances in the functioning of the Moon end with fears, excessive attachment and reflexive escape to what is familiar. Seeking security leads to building closeness with other people.


The planets are the subjects of astrological interpretation. These are energies that diversify our lives. It can be said that each planet expresses itself through us, has its own function and goals. Now let's look at the planets and the parts of you they represent and modulate within you.

  1. MERCURY - Your perception, understanding, thinking, curiosity, thoughts and narrative (the way you interpret your reality). Mercury is the mental realm.

  2. VENUS - Your need for validation (what you need recognition for), value system, taste, needs in relationships and love language. Venus is the sphere of values.

  3. MARS - Your ego (what you identify with) and its defense mechanisms (leading to anger), desire, desires, will, decision-making and actions. Mars is the sphere of will.

  4. JUPITER - Your need for growth and expansion, personal creativity and imagination, beliefs and convictions. Jupiter is the sphere of development.

  5. SATURN - Your karma (lessons you need to learn), boundaries, limitations, responsibility and authority. Saturn is the sphere of limitations.

  6. URANUS - Your insights, deep realizations, intelligence, intuition and the need for spiritual evolution. Uranus is the sphere of intuition.

  7. NEPTUNE - Your visions, dreams, ideas that come to you, inspirations, sensitivity, empathy and the need for unity. Neptune is the sphere of spirituality

  8. PLUTO - Your power, primal impulses and instincts, the need for transformation and psychological, deeply hidden shadows. Pluto is the sphere of transformation.

Every planet and celestial body, traveling through the Sky, is always in the background of some constellation that fills it with its consciousness. While the planets, Sun and Moon talk about parts of you, zodiac signs talk about types of energy. While the planets, the Sun and the Moon are nouns, the zodiac signs are adjectives that describe them.


Horoscope houses are spaces that are created in different ways, depending on the time and place of birth. In the cosmogram we see that planets are located not only in zodiac signs, but also in houses, e.g. Mars may be in Gemini in the 8th house. Our life takes place in twelve areas of life. When a planet passes through an area, it expresses itself in that area. I will explain it in more detail in a moment, but first I suggest you look at the twelve areas of life present on Earth:

  • FIRST HOUSE: direction of life happiness, physical health, image (the impression we create), passions and interests.

  • SECOND HOUSE: values and opinions, resources and money, skills and talents.

  • THIRD HOUSE: habits and routines, everyday living environment, relationships with friends and siblings, comfort, communication.

  • FOURTH HOUSE: relationship with father, foundations of your life, home and private life.

  • FIFTH HOUSE: Creativity, art, entertainment, risk, romance and children.

  • SIXTH HOUSE: work, service to others, physical or psychosomatic health and illness.

  • SEVENTH HOUSE: partner, enemy, projections and expectations, 1:1 relationships, marriage.

  • EIGHTH HOUSE: shared resources, debts, obligations, other people's opinions and values.

  • NINTH HOUSE: Expansion beyond the comfort zone, foreign cultures, beliefs, experts and spiritual development.

  • TENTH HOUSE: relationship with mother, public life, reputation, ambitions, career, achievements and success.

  • ELEVENTH HOUSE: aspirations and dreams, relationship with friends, path to happiness, group creativity.

  • TWELFTH HOUSE: unconsciousness, isolation, sabotages, secrets of other incarnations, mental and spiritual health and collective service.


We already know that the planets describe WHAT, the zodiac signs describe HOW, and the houses describe WHERE (in which area). It would seem that we already have the recipe for someone's life, but life is much more complicated. In the cosmogram we can also find certain points that are of key importance for human life. Among them is:

  • ASCENDENT - the projections that others create on you. The energy that radiates from you.

  • DESCENDENT - the projections you create on others. The energy you need from others.

  • IMUM COELI - Your past and the foundation from which you grow.

  • MEDIUM COELI - Your future and what you are striving for.

  • NORTH NODE (RAHU) - destiny, i.e. what you need to learn in this life.

  • SOUTH NODE (KETU) - karmic accretions from a past life that you need to free yourself from.

  • Other points, e.g. Vertex.


You can analyze the horoscope for hours, delving into its subsequent layers. In addition to the Sun, Moon, planets, houses and points, you can also analyze Asteroids, which add additional, smaller threads to our lives (unless they form a conjunction with planets, the Sun or the Moon). Another issue is that we can analyze the horoscope from many angles:

  • SELF-AWARENESS: we can analyze the horoscope to help someone understand themselves, e.g. their soul, their relationships, their karma, vocation, destiny, etc.

  • SYNASTRY: we can compare two charts and analyze the interactions between the two horoscopes. This way, it is easier to understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the processes taking place between two people. It is easier to achieve harmony and understand where problems come from.

  • ASPECTS: we can analyze the interactions that occur between the planets in a personal horoscope or synastry. Planets can be in different relationships with each other, e.g. Mercury (thoughts) can create tension with your actions (Mars). It can also support or tone them. It can also inspire or facilitate them. There are many possibilities, and they all depend on the geometric angles and resultant forces that arise between the planets. This helps to understand more about the dynamics of a given personality.

  • TRANSITS: we can analyze how your birth cosmogram (cosmic energy, built into your body and psyche) interacts with the energy present in Heaven. After all, each planet is in motion all the time. The fact that during your birth Mercury was, for example, in Scorpio, does not mean that it is still there. What's more, you are the embodiment of your cosmogram, so Mercury in a given sign in you constantly interacts with what we see in the Sky. It's a bit like your electromagnetic field is constantly interacting with a changing electromagnetic field of cosmic origin. Transit analysis is great for helping a person plan important life events or plans or deal with upcoming challenges.

As you can see, the Cosmogram is a source of a huge amount of information. It is much easier to interpret it for an experienced astrologer or a person who has spent years exploring the knowledge about the influence of the stars on human life.

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