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Karma Releasing

Individual session

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 59 US dollars
  • Spotkanie online

Service Description

Karma Releasing Session Overview Duration: 75 Minutes Delivery: Online Session Highlights: Karma Releasing is a dedicated 90-minute session that delves into your karmic blueprint to identify and cleanse past-life residues influencing your present life. Through a personalized approach, this session combines astrology, prayers, and mantras to release deeply ingrained karmic patterns and unlock spiritual liberation. Benefits: Karmic Understanding: Gain profound insights into your karmic debts and lessons through an astrological analysis of your horoscope. Personalized Healing Strategies: Employ specific mantras and prayers tailored to your unique astrological placements to facilitate deep karmic release. Core Karmic Purification: Identify and address the root causes of karmic blockages, transforming them into positive life changes. Spiritual and Emotional Cleansing: Experience a sense of renewal and clarity as you clear old karmic bonds and align with your soul’s purpose. Enhanced Life Trajectory: By releasing karmic patterns, open pathways to new opportunities and a more fulfilling life direction. Ideal For: Anyone seeking to understand and resolve karmic influences, those feeling stuck in repetitive life patterns, or individuals interested in using astrological insights for profound spiritual growth. Book Your Session: Start your transformative journey with a Karma Releasing session to clear past burdens and embrace a future filled with promise and spiritual alignment.

Cancellation Policy

If the session is canceled on time, a 100% refund will be given. If the session is canceled within 6-24 hours before the session, a 50% refund is due. If the session is canceled 2-6 hours before the session, a 25% refund is due. If you cancel the session less than 2 hours before the session or do not show up without notice, you will not be entitled to a refund for the session. I'm sorry, but we need to respect each other's time and effort. It is also possible to change the session date 24 hours before the session at the latest!

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Capital City of Poland Warsaw, Poland

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