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Strong will: ceasing sexual addictions

To free yourself from the prison of your desires...

...go through the healing process

Why did
I create
this script?

We live in times when a huge number of men have become addicted to pornography and masturbation, and the world has tried to convince us that these phenomena are harmless to us. Men became prisoners of sexual energy, which instead of improving their lives, began to lower their energy. I have personally dealt with these addictions, but it took me several years to gain the knowledge, tools, and wisdom that allowed me to reach a place of freedom. I would like to leave something behind that will help every man go through the process of freeing himself from pornography and masturbation faster.

What are the most common and obvious effects of pornography/masturbation addiction?

  1. Decline in Sexual Interest in the Relationship: Individuals addicted to pornography may lose interest in sex with their partner because pornography provides easier and quicker gratification.

  2. Heightened Sexual Demands: Addiction leads to exaggerated expectations regarding sex, often based on unrealistic scenes from pornographic films or imagined fantasies.

  3. Diminished Deep Intimacy: Focusing on pornography can lead to a decline in emotional and psychological closeness in the relationship.

  4. Difficulty Achieving Satisfying Orgasm: Addicted individuals may struggle to achieve orgasm in natural situations because their sexual responses are conditioned by visual stimuli from pornography or fantasy.

  5. Delayed Orgasm or Premature Ejaculation: Addiction can result in ejaculatory disorders such as delayed orgasm or premature ejaculation, stemming from different experiences and expectations induced by pornography.

  6. Negative Impact on Romantic Life: Pornography/masturbation addiction can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in the relationship, as well as feelings of rejection or inadequacy by the partner.

  7. Unreliable Erections or Erectile Dysfunction: Increased use of pornography or masturbation can lead to erection problems during actual sexual encounters when natural stimuli do not meet the unrealistic expectations aroused by pornography.

  8. Misdiagnosis of the Problem: Individuals addicted to pornography may misinterpret erectile issues as medical problems instead of understanding that they are caused by sexual addiction actually.

you will get 90 pages divided into sections

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Do not postpone your freedom!

choose yourself

and tame the inner beast so that it submits to Your will.

My intention:

I want you to receive a tool that will free you from the prison of temptations. You deserve true freedom of choice. You deserve full strength, self-confidence, and a high level of vital energy. Choose well and invest in yourself.

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The benefits that await

you on the other side (after the healing):


Focus & motivation

Your concentration, memory, and focus will increase, causing you to finally concentrate on achieving your dreams. You will stop postponing your life and your motivation to act will increase.


The mood & the people

Your mood will stabilize. You will stop experiencing the emotional rollercoaster. Peace of mind and inner joy will become the norm. Anxiety and social isolation will be forgotten and you will open up to people.


​Imagination and the mind

You will stop having intrusive sexual thoughts and start having more control over your mind. Your imagination will be cleared of sexual content and you will begin to consciously choose your ideas.


Renewed sex life

You will become a better sexual partner who will build deep intimacy in your relationships. Your erections will be reliable and you will be proud of yourself and your sexual performance.


Physical health

The quality of your sleep will increase and your sleep problems will disappear. Your immunity will increase and you will be healthy all year round. If you are balding, your hair will start to grow back. Your skin will start to look better and you will become younger.


Respect & love

Respect for other people and the level of spiritual energy will increase. You will not only become sexually healed. You will become someone you didn't know you could become. You will begin to live closer to your full potential.

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Unleash your potential!

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