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(Transit) Mars square Chiron / Chiron square Mars

The Healing Warrior’s Quest


4 days.

How often:

1-2 times a year.

If the transit could speak:

"Through the fires of conflict, emerge the seeds of healing."

Personal development PDF for this transit:


Mars square Chiron is a potent astrological aspect that brings to light the themes of wounds and healing, especially those related to assertiveness and personal will. This transit often surfaces old injuries, not just physical but also emotional or spiritual ones, that need addressing. Mars, representing our drive, aggression, and how we assert ourselves, clashes with Chiron, the "wounded healer," highlighting areas where we may feel vulnerable or inadequate. The square, a challenging aspect, pushes these issues to the forefront, demanding action and resolution. During this time, you might encounter situations that trigger old wounds, possibly through conflict or challenges that require you to assert your personal power. The discomfort you feel is a strong indicator of what needs healing. The transit offers an opportunity to learn about your pain points, to understand and transform them into sources of strength.

what to do

  • Engage in activities that promote self-awareness, such as journaling or therapy, to uncover the roots of your emotional wounds.

  • Practice assertiveness training to better handle conflicts and express your needs effectively.

  • Consider physical activities that also heal the mind, like yoga or martial arts, which can help integrate body and spirit.

  • Use meditation or mindfulness practices to stay present with your feelings without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Seek out healing modalities, such as reiki or acupuncture, that address both physical and emotional pains.

what to avoid

  • Avoid aggressive confrontations that may lead to physical or emotional harm.

  • Steer clear of suppressing your emotions, as this can exacerbate the pain.

  • Resist the urge to play the victim or martyr, which can prevent genuine healing.

  • Don't ignore the pain or discomfort that arises; avoidance can delay healing.

  • Refrain from self-criticism or blame, which can deepen the wounds.

  • Resentment or anger related to past hurts that haven't been properly addressed.

  • Vulnerability in asserting oneself or standing up in conflicts.

  • Feelings of inadequacy or weakness when faced with challenges requiring assertiveness.


The journey through Mars square Chiron is a transformative one that requires courage to face one’s deepest wounds. Here's how you can navigate this path:

  1. Acknowledge the pain: Begin by recognizing where and why you feel hurt. Understanding the origin of your wounds is the first step toward healing.

  2. Reframe your struggles: Transform how you view these challenges. Instead of seeing them as failures, view them as opportunities for growth and learning.

  3. Develop coping strategies: Implement tools and techniques such as deep breathing, grounding exercises, and emotional regulation strategies to manage your reactions to triggers.

  4. Foster resilience: Build up your mental and emotional resilience by setting small, achievable goals that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone in a controlled manner.

  5. Seek support: Don’t go through this process alone. Engage with a therapist, counselor, or a support group that can provide guidance and encouragement.



  • "I embrace my challenges as opportunities to grow and heal."

  • "Every step I take in assertiveness brings me closer to my inner strength."

  • "I am capable of transforming pain into power through compassion and courage."

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