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Subtle Shifts of Transformation

(Transit) Moon sextile Pluto


Few hours.

How often:

Each Moon Cycle.

If the transit could speak:

"Beneath the calm surface, the seeds of change germinate powerfully."


The Moon governs our emotions, instincts, and subconscious patterns. In its transits, the Moon touches upon our inner landscapes, influencing our emotional and psychological states. These transits can bring fleeting moods and feelings to the surface, offering insights into our inner needs and emotional well-being.


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Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, and rebirth. Its influence is subtle but profound, bringing to light the deeper, darker forces at work. Pluto’s transits often involve intense emotional experiences, power struggles, or confrontations with our shadows. These transits are transformative, forcing us to confront and change fundamental aspects of our lives and selves.

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Moon sextile Pluto is an aspect that facilitates subtle yet profound emotional transformations and deep insights into your psychological landscape. This transit offers the opportunity to delve into your subconscious gently, uncover hidden truths, or resolve deep-seated emotional patterns without the overwhelming intensity often associated with Pluto. It provides the emotional strength to face challenges, enhancing resilience and empowering you to overcome obstacles through emotional understanding and strategic changes. This aspect encourages emotional growth by revealing what lies beneath the surface, allowing for a regenerative process that feels both natural and empowering.

what to do

  • Explore emotional depths: Use this time for introspection and to explore your deeper emotions without fear.

  • Facilitate healing: Engage in activities that promote healing, such as therapy or meditation.

  • Transform through understanding: Seek to understand the root of your feelings and behaviors as a path to transformation.

  • Empower yourself: Take actions that foster personal empowerment and resilience.

  • Purge the unnecessary: Let go of emotional baggage that no longer serves you, making room for new growth.

what to avoid

  • Avoiding the deep dive: Don’t shy away from exploring your emotions; this transit offers a supportive energy for such work.

  • Overpowering others: Be mindful not to use your insights to manipulate or overly control situations.

  • Stagnation: Resist the comfort of the status quo if it means avoiding necessary emotional work.

  • Ignoring the power of subtle changes: Even small insights can lead to significant transformations, so value them.

  • Neglecting to share: While this is a deeply personal process, sharing your journey can enhance your insights and support.

DALL·E 2024-05-17 09.25.24 - A vertical illustration of the Moon cycle without any sentenc

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