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Astrology is a science, and I will show you now why I believe that!

Do you know what sentence I hear most often during sessions with people as an astrologer? "This is incredible! It's so accurate. I'm shocked!" Sometimes, I connect with others in this energy, marveling for the thousandth time at how close to the truth astrology can get. However, I'm sometimes so accustomed to it that I respond with, "I'm not shocked, but it's wonderful to see your amazement!" People's astonishment often arises from the mistaken belief that astrology is a matter of faith and has nothing to do with science. I will present evidence to you shortly that astrology is a science, but before I do that, I want to emphasize WHAT ASTROLOGY IS NOT.

Astrology is NOT FORTUNE-TELLING. Fortune-telling involves techniques aimed at attempting to predict the future and determine specific events that will occur. Fortune-telling rarely acknowledges the factor of free will and often imposes the concept of a predetermined future in which something must happen. My experience as a mystic and astrologer shows something entirely different! As humans, we are beings of free will who also have a destiny. How is this possible? Doesn't it contradict each other? Not at all! Destiny is a cosmic education system that we enroll in when coming to Earth. We have specific lessons to complete, and these are activated by situations that must occur. Free will, on the other hand, is our ability to choose what we will do with the time between lessons and how quickly we will learn them. Free will allows us to select the pace of our learning and its effectiveness. Free will gives us a certain degree of control. The universe and all cosmic influences define the limits of this control. For example, if we undergo a transit like Mercury in the Seventh House, the universe dictates that our focus, perception, curiosity, thoughts, and communication will revolve around relationships with another person, partnership in business and personal life, and all one-on-one interactions. Does this mean we have no choice? Not at all! The universe sets the stage, and we decide how to navigate it and whether to see the given transit as a wonderful opportunity or resist it. This is co-creation, which means that power is shared. On one hand, we are governed by cosmic influences, and on the other hand, we govern how we react to them and how we utilize them. This is free will. The stronger and healthier Mars or Sun is in the horoscope, the easier it is for us to wield our free will. Some women ask me, "Will I get married in this lifetime?" I cannot answer such questions! I can use astrology to tell you when the universe will support it, when the best opportunity will arise, and when it will be favorable for you. However, I cannot tell you whether you will make the decision to get married. That is your freedom of choice.

Astrology is NOT A SYSTEM OF BELIEFS. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it still plays out in your life. Some people believe that astrology is a game you can participate in if you choose. You don't have to believe in it for astrology to manifest itself. It's not a matter of suggestion since you can trace your past (even when you didn't believe in astrology at the time), and we can still see that astrology describes events that occurred in it. Astrology affects us, regardless of whether we want it, believe in it, or acknowledge its influences.

Astrology ("astro" + "logos") is the science of the influence of cosmic energy emanating from stars and other celestial bodies on life in the Universe. Believe me, there's a reason why this science contains "logos," which signifies the way knowledge is organized based on a particular matter, enabling a better and more rational understanding. In a philosophical sense, Logos also means the word from which all life originates (according to Christianity) or the information from which the entire structure of the Universe derives (in Hermeticism). So, astrology is a source of information about the cosmos, words that tell about it, and at the same time, it is a system that organizes knowledge related to cosmic energy and its influences.

WHY IS ASTROLOGY A SCIENCE? In the next part of this article, I will present you with several arguments indicating that astrology is a science that can create a bridge between what is spiritual and symbolic, and what is empirical and tangible.

Let's start with the astronomical, physical, and biological aspects. As we all know, the use of nuclear weapons leads to massive consequences at the physical and biological levels. Areas contaminated by nuclear weapons display active radioactivity, which causes numerous mutations in DNA. Have you heard about animals and plants mutating due to radiation, for example, in the vicinity of Chernobyl? Such radiation is called nuclear radiation and has very high energy capable of ejecting electrons or protons from atoms. Since DNA is composed of chemical molecules made up of atoms, ejecting various elements from them can lead to very serious changes, such as radiation sickness, death, or mutations, depending on the level of intensity. Why am I talking about this? Everything will become clear in a moment! Note that nuclear radiation is just one type of radiation – the type with the highest energy that changes DNA the fastest. Now, consider that the Sun is a massive nuclear reactor that releases energy equivalent to 10 billion atomic bombs per second. It generates enormous radiation that spreads in all directions. Theoretically, this radiation could be dangerous to us, but because Earth has an ionosphere (the planet's natural system that shields against radiation), it filters out most of this radiation (99.9%). However, it's important to realize that the Sun and its radiation are responsible for changes in our DNA. These changes are not rapid and chaotic but rather gradual and slow.

If you think this it's a too "physical" topic, just wait for a moment because we're about to get down to Earth. There are types of radiation that have less force than nuclear radiation but can still change our DNA. However, this requires more time and longer exposure. One such radiation is, for example, X-rays. You've probably heard that you shouldn't get X-rays too often. Do you remember why? Another, even weaker type of radiation is ultraviolet. Have you heard that too much UV exposure can lead to, for example, skin cancer? Did you know that cancer is DNA mutations? Going further, we eventually come to the most well-known type of radiation that our body can detect, visible light! Yes, every color is another type of radiation! The color violet has the highest energy, and red has the lowest. Below the color red is infrared radiation, which has very little energy and is not detected by our eyes. However, there are animals that can see waves of radiation like this. Below infrared waves, we have microwaves and radio waves. In theory, these waves have even lower frequencies. The higher the energy of a wave, the higher its frequency, vibration, and the potential to change DNA. As we can see, electromagnetic waves affect our DNA, and depending on the amount of energy they carry, they do so at different rates.

Źródło: WIKIPEDIA - Promieniowanie Elektromagnetyczne
Source: WIKIPEDIA - Electromagnetic Spectrum

So why does this matter to us? What does it have to do with astrology? Now, imagine that DNA is the source of information within you, determining everything related to your body. The type and amount of proteins your body produces depend on DNA. Which parts of it are active determines which proteins are produced. Neurotransmitters that regulate and influence your psyche are proteins (technically biogenic amines, but that's not relevant here). Hormones, for the most part, are proteins. Enzymes too. Everything that happens in your physical body depends on DNA. Your physical body significantly influences your behaviors, thoughts, emotions, decisions, and everything else. Every star emits waves of electromagnetic radiation throughout the cosmos. Each star sends waves with slightly different vibrations (and different vibrations carry different information). Waves from various stars reach our solar system.

When we are born and separated from our mother's body, which maintained us in unity with her electromagnetic field for 9 months, we are immediately exposed to the electromagnetic influences of the field beyond the mother. Our DNA arranges itself in a specific way, depending on the resultant electromagnetic forces in the solar system. If, during birth, Saturn was in the path of radiation coming, for example, from the Capricorn constellation, those waves were modified by Saturn's energy and reach us, leaving a trace in our DNA and encoding a specific pattern — Saturn's pattern in the sign of Capricorn. The same happens with every planet. The waves passing through each planet reach Earth and leave a mark on the newborn. From then on, the child becomes a carrier of information that reflects those waves. It becomes their embodiment. During life, a person, as an embodiment of planetary information (described by the birth chart), interacts with the changing electromagnetic fields in space. This leads to the phenomenon of transits. A person, as an embodiment of information from the solar system filled with vibrations (electromagnetic information) from distant stars, begins to interact in real-time with planets and stars.

Everything is connected. Biology, physics, astronomy, spirituality, science – on the surface, they may seem to create the illusion of standing on opposite sides, but it's just an illusion of separation created in the mind. Science is still young, but with time, it will discover what ancient civilizations discovered long ago. Why do you think myths were created? Why were planets "coincidentally" named after Greek and Roman gods? Why do mythological stories facilitate an understanding of the archetypal influence of planets? How does the echo of history from Higher Dimensions affect our lives on Earth? Everything is connected! Stars are sources of archetypal, symbolic energy. They define how Evolution on Earth unfolds. They determine when important energetic opportunities for change, revolution, transformation, and consciousness growth occur. Our role should be to understand these influences and use them to our advantage.

Finally, let's add that in ancient Vedic scriptures, the positions of Neptune and Uranus were known for thousands of years, even though we "discovered" these planets only in the last few centuries. Could ancient civilizations have possessed higher technology than we think? How is this possible? I recommend the book "Deja Vu: Has Everything Already Been?" by Aleksander Czeszkiewicz, where the author presents in-depth research on the history of humanity. It's genuinely valuable knowledge! Also, note that Vedic Astrology has been in existence on our planet for 7,000 to 15,000 years. That's a significant amount of time to test whether it is a true and useful tool. However, it hasn't been rejected by society. This is not because astrology is superstition but because it genuinely facilitates and accelerates spiritual evolution and personal development. It is a wonderful therapeutic tool that we can use to evolve more quickly on this planet and learn to integrate higher vibrations (stronger electromagnetic waves) into our bodies more rapidly.

What is cancer? It's a genetic disease. What are genes? They are sets of information. Can we change genetic information through changes in behavior, habits, and lifestyle? Epigenetics confirms that we can. If you don't believe me, look into the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist. He has a fantastic series called "Inner Evolution," available on the conscious media platform Gaia (HERE). You can also find him on YouTube and read his books. Epigenetics proves that we are not prisoners of our genes and that we have the power to change them. Cancer is a symptom of the inability to integrate new information, resistance to evolution, and, as a result, unfavorable mutations. For the Earth, the most important thing is the evolution of consciousness, not the survival of the individual. Only evolution can lead to harmony between humans and nature. Resistance gets us nowhere. Opening up to the lessons that come from the cosmos is the only wise choice.

If you still believe that astrology is not a science, then conduct your own research. Don't look for scientists; do it yourself. If individuals with, for example, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in their natal chart go through similar life experiences due to this position, isn't that enough evidence? If observing Mercury retrograde causing electronic devices to malfunction, communication to falter, and errors to appear in books doesn't convince you of the reality of astrology, what will? Does the full moon and its impact on emotions or the fact that we are approximately 60% water with the Moon having a strong influence, causing significant tides and currents worldwide, not make you think? Isn't it better to open your mind, see what makes sense to you, and then form your opinion on astrology? Isn't it better to think independently rather than repeating what others say in a hypnotic trance? Develop your own views on astrology based on your own experiences, rather than following the crowd. Learn to think for yourself.

If I haven't convinced you that astrology matters and is a science, then there's probably nothing more I can do. I believe that someday you'll open your mind for your own good. Whether you believe in astrology or not doesn't matter to me. It matters for your evolution. Astrology can significantly accelerate that process. Regardless, I'm rooting for you, and I know you'll achieve high vibrations and a wonderful level of consciousness. I believe in you, no matter which direction you choose and whether you consider astrology along the way!


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