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Before You begin Your first meditation.




If you are at the beginning of your adventure with meditation, I suggest that you first take a few steps before you start meditating. They will improve the quality of your future meditation if you take some time to go through these steps. The effects of meditations will be more efficient and you will avoid many demotivating stimuli that typically occur during first experiences.

1. If you don’t know how to stay relaxed easily and your muscles tend to stay tense, I suggest you give yourself one week for learning how to achieve the state of physical relaxation. There are a lot of videos, articles and books on this topic. It is very important that you learn how to relax your body just before meditation, so it doesn’t make any irrupting discomfort when you will be doing it. There are a lot of simple ways that helps with relaxation of the body e.g. breathing techniques, visualizations, etc.

2. Another issue is a conscious breath, which is really essential for achieving mental and emotional peace. The great way to become calm is breathing air into lungs for 8 seconds, holding the breath for 2 seconds, then breathing out for another 8 seconds and stopping for 2 (8/2/8/2) – it has a very relaxing effect on me. If this pattern of breathing takes too long for you, then I recommend starting with the technique of 6 seconds inhale - 6 seconds exhale. It would be good for you to practice these breathing techniques for a few days, until you form the habit that will become more automatic.

3. Before you start meditating, it is also good to be aware of several issues. I highly recommend that you affirm several truths for a week or so that they are accepted by the subconscious. It will also greatly facilitate your meditation and help you achieve the desired results faster. What issues am I talking about? I presented them all below in the form of affirmations. It would be good for you to repeat them out loud 10 minutes a day for a week. This way, you will prepare yourself to spend time on meditation and program your mind so it could help you with calming yourself during this type of activity. A consciously used mind is a wonderful tool.

I. I am able to calm my mind. As I meditate, my mind gradually becomes still.

II. If thoughts come to me during my meditation, I don't push them away, I don't ignore them - I just simply acknowledge them, thank them for their presence and give them to the light. After that I turn my attention to my inner silence.

III. Every deep breath fills me with light, vital energy and peace. Deep breaths soothe my mind.

IV. I am not my thoughts and I can observe them without identifying with them and without doing what they suggest. I am open to Higher Guidance, to God, to Cosmic Intelligence, to Guides and to my Angels.

V. I am able to give up my impatience in favour of patience. I don't need to focus on the passage of time, instead I focus on my breath.

I guarantee that if you spend one week to prepare for the new routine which will be meditation, then your meditation skills will be much faster and give you much more satisfaction.


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