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What are we witnessing in our lives? The Solar System is rising!

What's happening on Earth right now? Why are we living in what appears to be a turning point for Humanity? Why are we witnessing so much chaos and transformation on a global and personal scale? Well, evolution is speeding up, and it is a result of the "ascending" process.

Even though there is a lot of talk about Collective Spiritual Awakening and Ascending Planetary Consciousness, science still ignores this fact. The ancient Hindu scriptures - the Vedas - describe all cosmic cycles with great accuracy. Science is slowly beginning to discover the elements with which we have lost connection during the "descension" process (the process of losing connection with the Galaxy, leaving Paradise, separating from Heaven, descending into lower realities than divine, into the worlds of the illusion of separation; decline in consciousness, state of spiritual amnesia ; loss of connection with the "internet of the universe" - with the spiritual interface).

The ascension and descension processes are parts of the galactic cycle resulting from the rotation of the Galactic Center (Central Sun). This movement creates gravitational waves on which the solar system rises and falls. Along with this process, which takes many thousands of years, there are changes in our DNA, an increase or decrease in consciousness, connection with the Galaxy, or loss of it. What does this move look like? What is the ascension process? Take a look for yourself.

How does the above-mentioned cycle affect us, what is happening on the interdimensional levels and what can we do to facilitate this process for Humanity? Below you can find the video in which these questions have been beautifully answered. It is not a video made by myself. I'm just sharing it.

Find answers for Your questions

Universal Matty


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