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A few words about atom and space...

Is everything made of matter? Matter and empty space? What is an atom? Why is 99.9% of an atom empty? If one were to compare the atom to a soccer field, the nucleus of the atom would be a small ping-pong ball lying in its center, and the entire field would be the remaining "empty" part of the atom. Why is the atom composed of such a great empty space?

In this void there may be an electron responsible for what and how this atom will connect with other atoms. Is the electron material? Not really - it is both wave and material in nature. When we consciously study it, it presents itself materially. When we let it be without our attention, it exhibits a wave nature. An electron can "materialize" in different parts of the electron shells (in the empty part of the atom). Where it will materialize is very difficult to predict. There is only the possibility of creating a probability function showing in which sector of the empty part of the atom this can happen. What if this empty space is not empty at all - what, if there is every possibility of some kind in it, and which one will materialize depends on something we don't know yet? For more on electrons and their enigmatic nature, see quantum physics. I encourage you to do your own research.

I would like to mention now astrology as the science of the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on our consciousness. It clearly shows that it is impossible to perfectly predict the phenomenon, but only to determine certain probabilities of their occurrence and the range of certain possibilities. This is a bit like figuring out where the electron will go. Is free will having a key influence here? Does it choose the exact location of the event from some available range? What if I told you that all this empty space is not empty at all - that it is filled to the brim with consciousness. What if I told you that the entire universe is filled with consciousness - both animate and inanimate forms? What if I told you that the brain is not the creator of consciousness, but the tool that consciousness uses to evolve in the world of matter? What if I told you that you are a spiritual being who has the human experience right now because that's what Your consciousness needed. Stay with it for a while.


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