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I love this Universe. I love myself. I love You all.

I am one of those people who are fascinated by the whole world around them. For me, the universe is a work of art, art of the highest category, a puzzle waiting to be discovered, a dialogue with God. The universe is my home. It is the place where I AM being born. It is the light and the darkness. It is the laughter of a child, the singing of birds, a cry in the middle of the night. It is sweet mango, sour lemon and bitter dark chocolate. It is blooming flower, dancing aurora, the majesty of the mountains and the tranquility of the ocean. It is cosmic space, a rainbow supernova, a black hole and all the planets. The universe is everything that surrounds us, and we take part in it! Who and what are we - Humans - in this great cosmic play? Are we the body or do we have the body? Are we the field or the space? What are We?

We are sparks of God's fire that roam the universe taking part in creative expansion. We are the sprouting seeds of life in the cosmic divine garden. Our bodies were created by the outbursts of powerful stars spreading the seeds of consciousness and the chemical building blocks of life across the cosmos. We are spirit beings in a physical body that use human experience to develop an awareness of inner peace, happiness, and love. We are light and shadow. We are soul - divine consciousness that grows with each experience and assimilated wisdom. We are the children of the Creator taught by the entire universe. Everything that surrounds us, from microscopic particles to Nature's Spirit and beings from all levels of life - ALL - helps us to open our eyes and understand ourselves so that our soul can grow. All this so that a tree could sprout from a seed and that it would grow strong, resilient and conscious. We are a consciousness that fills the whole world in itself - from the kingdom of minerals, through plants, animals, people and everything above us. We are the Great Spirit.

Our physical bodies are instruments of divine creation and were designed to be able to read specific spectra of the electromagnetic waves of the world around us - these waves are perceived as touch, sight and hearing. Our body can read information from different levels and react to the physical, chemical and biological levels that surround us. They can read smells and flavors, and are a collaboration of billions of cells with their own intelligence. Our body is a vehicle that we can use to experience this world on the path of our development. I thank the Creator for the gift of the physical body! And this is not our only body! Our being consists of many levels such as mental, emotional and spiritual. Our consciousness uses many tools of development - ego, mind and imagination, polarity, duality and emotions. The latter help us connect with the physical body, which also has its own consciousness! Our being uses intuition, different waves and different vibrations to create a unique experience. And all this because we are God's children and we all grow to co-create the Universe together and to do it with God - the Omnipresent Intelligence managing the creative act, the All-organism of which we are cells. We are here to join the great symphony of vibrating divine waves and dance in harmony with them across the cosmos.

In all these hardships of human experience, let us not forget that we are strong, mighty, and that each of us has our own teachers and our own path. Let us not forcefully interfere in other people's paths, let us not try to change them, let us not tell others what is good for them, just because we have grown up to the point where we are ready to make it good for us. Let each seed sprout at its own pace, nourishing it with love, support and acceptance. No expectations, no blame or criticism. Let us turn our attention to the center - What is this moment trying to teach us? What is this other person, through whom God also speaks, trying to teach me? What is this situation trying to teach me? If we are outside, let us at least turn our attention to what we are building, instead of chaos and destruction. For what helps other people to see beauty and love in themselves.

There is one more thing I want to say. Know that I love you brother, I love you sister. I love you all and your beautiful souls! I love you as my support, my inspiration, my teachers, my friends and my enemies, those who agree with me and those who disagree with what I preach. I love you immensely and I am full of excitement at the thought of how every single soul that surrounds me will develop over time. I am excited to see what I will see in the next thousands of years! Let us fly high and integrate divine light! Have a good day and a good night! Beautiful experiences and valuable lessons! Ease of perceiving and assimilating wisdom! This is what I wish for you and for myself.

Thank you for the care and signs that I am experiencing! Thank you for the path that is leading me so that I can finally spread my wings. Thank you thank you thank you!


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