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Astropsychology: foundation for the bridge between science and spirituality.

Astropsychology envisions a future where psychology gradually incorporates elements of astrology to integrate a comprehensive understanding of the psyche. In the following article, you will find my theory, born from syncretism – the fusion of seemingly conflicting or distant fields, principles, or perspectives. Grounded in quantum physics, psychology, astrology, epigenetics, and a blend of mystical and spiritual viewpoints, my theory serves as a cohesive framework, unifying these perspectives. Astropsychology acts as a foundation for the bridge I'm constructing between science and spirituality.


I. Non-Personal Nature of Psyche: Psyche is not something personal but encompasses the entire stellar system and the electromagnetic waves flowing from distant stars. Objects in cosmic space are non-locally connected to living beings on a particular planet, exchanging information faster than the speed of light (due to quantum entanglement). Learn more about quantum entanglement: (

II. Psychic Processes: Psychic processes encompass cognitive, emotional, and mental changes, motivational processes, changes in value system, evolving awareness, and personality changes.

III. Celestial Movements and Mental States:
a. Quantum Entanglement: Planets and stars are quantum entangled with the bodies of living beings, and changes in the electromagnetic fields of planets and stars affect the electromagnetic fields of living beings.
b. Modulation of Electromagnetic Waves: Celestial bodies' movements create gravitational waves that modulate and shape the electromagnetic waves reaching a given planet (such as Earth). These waves modulate the electromagnetic field of Earth, influencing all living beings inhabiting it.

This synthesis of diverse fields forms the backbone of astropsychology, offering a perspective where the cosmic and the conscious seamlessly intertwine, becoming a conduit for understanding the profound connection between the universe and the essence of our being.

IV. The Influence of the Psyche and Epigenetics: The psyche affects us personally as our bodies possess an individual electromagnetic blueprint resulting from our unique genetic blueprint (DNA). The genetic pattern determines the phenotypic pattern (appearance). The changing environment and its electromagnetic field have a personal impact, potentially altering genetic information indirectly through epigenetics. Learn more about epigenetics [here](

V. Planetary Associations and Consciousness: Each planet in a stellar system is linked to the expression of a specific level of consciousness energetically, an ethereal chakra, a biological neurotransmitter, and a psychological sector of the psyche.

VI. The Stellar Center of the Psyche: The psyche has its center in the star of the system (e.g., the Sun), while the entity experiencing psychological processes may exist elsewhere, such as on a planet (e.g., Earth).


In astrology, the Sun is the center of the psyche and the primary source of vitality. It's a symbol of the spiritual essence, authenticity, vitality, and the Self. Living in harmony with one's essence leads to self-actualization and fulfillment. Such a life energizes us internally and stimulates creativity. Conversely, living contrary to one's essence results in the loss of vital energy and can lead to depression.


In scientific terms, the Sun is the center of the Solar System and the primary source of thermal and radiative energy, including light.

This intersection of astrological and scientific perspectives provides a nuanced understanding of the interplay between cosmic influences and the intricate dynamics of the human psyche.


The Moon signifies what is close and comforting to us, representing our attachments and the relationship between a mother and a child. It embodies primal subconscious patterns of security. The cellular memory, holding subconscious patterns and emotions requiring release, is also linked to the Moon. Studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto have demonstrated that water can encode information in the form of energetic patterns, aligning with astrology's perspective that emotions are associated with the water element.


The Moon is gravitationally bound to Earth and is the closest celestial body in astronomy. It can be considered Earth's "child" as the theory of its formation suggests a collision between Earth and another smaller planet, reminiscent of the union of sperm and egg leading to conception and the offspring. Its gravitational influence affects tides (ebb and flow) and likely influences water within our bodies, considering our predominantly water composition.


Venus symbolizes internal values, the language of love, and taste, while Mercury represents perception, intellect, communication, and mental filters. Both of these aspects are considered internal matters in psychology.


Venus and Mercury are located within the inner part of the Solar System concerning Earth.



Mars signifies desires, decisions, and actions in the external world.


Mars is the first planet outside the Earth's orbit in the outer part of the Solar System.

I could delve into each planet or asteroid, but I'll only mention one more planet briefly - Pluto. As the farthest planet in the Solar System, astrology views Pluto as representing the depths of the psyche, where consciousness rarely reaches. The center of the psyche is the Sun, and its edges extend to the outer reaches of the Solar System, including Pluto. It's no wonder that what Pluto is associated with is deeply hidden in the psyche.

Astropsychology not only aims to reintegrate astrology into science but is also the initial step in unifying people, regardless of whether they follow the path of science or spirituality. Astropsychology considers matters of the Soul, Spirit, and Psyche as components visible even at the physical level through the energetic interactions of planets, the Sun, the Moon, asteroids, and electromagnetic waves from distant constellations.


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