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The basic creative tool of the human being: why are we creating?

How is it that man is able to create? Where can we find what is needed for manifestation? What tools do we have, the use of which will allow us to manifest the desired reality?

The first tool to be mentioned is MIND. The personal mind is what can receive and send out mental energy (thoughts). Each of us has a mind in order to accelerate the manifestation of our desires and goals by using mental energy. THOUGHTS are information flowing through our mind. As human beings, we have created systems of concepts that are related to images (specific words relate to specific things). This is where our minds mainly include thoughts connected with concepts and ideas. These are THOUGHTFORMS - thoughts that denote concepts or sets of concepts with a specific meaning and attract a specific image, e.g. a lemon attracts the image of a yellow fruit. THOUGHTFORMS are reality maps that make it easier to attract what we want. You could say that thoughts are also our life scenarios or the narrative we create.

It depends on what thoughts we consciously create whether we will attract positive or negative results. An example of a lack of self-control are worry, negativity, and allowing any thoughts that could potentially attract negative reality. Remember that thoughts also arise automatically when you focus on them repeatedly. If you want a thought to stop coming back to you, then EMOTIONS, that is the energies that we release during the experiences of life, are another important issue. It should be clearly stated that EMOTIONS are the energies that astral beings feed on - both positive and negative. If we want more positive thoughts to emerge in our lives, then it would be good to learn to achieve only positive emotional states, because during such states, higher beings with positive polarity will approach us and send us more positive thoughts. If, on the other hand, we are surrounded by fear, the beings that feed on it will begin to send thoughts to our minds, trying to keep us in a nourishing relationship.

It is not surprising! Energy must circulate - the entire universe is a cycle of energy circulating. It should be added, however, that we exist in the Universe of Love, and while sharing love is healthy, being in fear is exhausting. Feeders are energetically beings that do not live on the level of love themselves and therefore need more vital energy, which is provided to them by people in states of fear or other low vibrations. Low-vibration astral beings can be compared to predators - they look for people who are still spiritually weak and hit their sensitive points to weaken them even more and draw energy from them. Instead of being afraid of these creatures, send love to them (it scares them away) and reinforce the "gaps" (eg, lack of faith) through which they managed to scare you. High-vibration beings are like herbivores who share fruit (love) and look after each other.

EMOTIONS are like channels on TV - if you are on the "LOT OF LAUGHTER" channel, you attract the programs and thoughts that are related to that channel. Don't look for love on the horror channel - instead, change the channel first instead of trying to change your thoughts. Stop focusing on it and focus on a new, better thought.

Another powerful tool is IMAGINATION. It is a tool that communicates our local mind with the Higher Mind. Imagination is a tool that operates in the astral world (the world of concepts, possibilities, potentials), and its work is to choose IMAGES that we want to transfer to physical reality. For example, if you want a new home, you can imagine different rooms, the appearance of the house, colors, shapes, sensations connected with it, yourself spending time in it, etc. You could say that imagination is a forge of future reality and downloads from the "divine cloud" opportunities "those situations and lifelines that we want them to be materialized. We can treat IMAGINATION as a tool that is used to communicate with HIGHER INTELLIGENCE , which will manifest the reality we desire. Imagination also depends on vibration - if we are in a state of fear, it will be harder for us to imagine beautiful situations. This is why we always deal with the emotional state first! Remember, however, that just as the time for creating images and attracting is very important, the time for ACTION is equally important, because no ideas, desires, thoughts or emotions will do everything for you. Our own participation in life and participation in the realization of ideas are important.

An equally important tool is the WILL, i.e. the ability to choose between different emotions, thoughts and ideas. The will in combination with a specific INTENTION set the direction in which our life will be realized. When we direct the will, we have control over our emotions, we consciously choose our thoughts and we create ideas, now it's time for INTUITION . It is a response from a higher intelligence, directing us to the right places, situations, choices related to our intention and dream.


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