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The Law of Divine Oneness: We are part of a conscious, intelligent higher being

What is Unity Consciousness? Are we separate beings or part of something bigger? What does it mean to be part of God? What does it mean that God lives in us? What does it mean that we are the children of the Creator? What does it mean that each of us contains a divine spark and has the right to create? Why is this the case?

Imagine a Garden full of all kinds of Magic Trees. Each is a different species, and each is part of an enormous experiment to explore all possibilities! They all grow on the foundation of a Magic Energy Source (I know it sounds fairy-tale, but for the sake of understanding the Oneness concept, it will be helpful). Each such Tree has its own unique character, specific features and unique appearance. Now acknowledge that each of these Trees represents different Universes! They all seem to grow from one Source, and yet each of these Trees is different. Now imagine that Everything that exists in one Universe is part of one Magic Tree. Let's focus on him now. Note that this Tree grows in an infinite number of forms! Initially, growing from the seed (Big Bang), it appears to be a homogeneous form of energy that is not yet broken down - it creates one shoot from which the tree will grow. This is where it feels like UNITY.

The next step in the evolution of the Universe is to start bifurcating into branches and creating the structure of the future Tree. This is the moment when the Universe begins to divide its energy into different types and varieties of it. Different branches (Galaxies) come into existence that are part of the Oneness but are at the same time separate and distinct from each other. Each branch has specific characteristics and is different from the rest (after all, it's a Magic Tree). Each branch begins to form twigs (star systems, such as the solar system), and leaves (planets) appear on them. These leaves sometimes become planets full of life (flowers), inhabited by various species and creative potentials (pollen). Each being contains the whole Universe within it because each is the pollen of the flower of the tree which it is. Each being is part of one Great Being - the Universe. Each creature is a creative potential that grows and comes to life! Within each of us, there is one I - one being (Creator) - but each of us has a different, unique personality - a temporary self, needed to explore a specific sector of reality. Personality is a series of unique traits that attract us to unique life situations. Thanks to this, as a Creative being, we explore a unique life path.

Now imagine that each such being has had different incarnations behind him. What I am going to tell you now may shock you! Well, each such being, going back to previous incarnations, will notice that it was once ripening pollen, before that only a potential, and even before that a part of a flower. When the two pollen goes back to its incarnation from when it was a twig that has yet to sprout these flowers, they may notice something shocking! Well, it turns out that both pollen number one and pollen number two both had the embodiment of a twig! How is it possible!? Well, before they split into pollen of potentials, they both lived in a growing twig. Therefore, it happens that different people remember the same incarnation. While the closest incarnations to us are very personalized and individual, the deeper we go inside, the more it turns out that we return more to the Unity from which we grew up. We are all part of this Oneness, and it is only because we have split into branches, twigs, leaves and flowers that we feel separate and different. Remember that the Tree remains a Tree, but each fragment of it performs different tasks.

Each of us is part of the so-called "God's breath" - this is the cycle in which God descends ("God breathes out") through the various kingdoms, exploring them and splitting (branching) into a huge number of forms. It is at this stage that it grows like a tree, and it is at this stage that it feels like separate objects of consciousness (branches, twigs, etc.). When this process reaches its apogee, everything is reversed, and all the leaves begin to return through the twigs to the branch and trunk from which they once set out on their journey. It is "God breathes in." This cycle is also known as the Descending and Ascending cycle. This is like trees that hibernate for Winter and wake up in Spring. In spring, they extract all nutrients from the soil and root stores and build up their system. In the fall, they start to die off and pull all the nutrients back to their roots. God's breath is a cycle of the creation and end of the universe. It is a cycle of exploring all the possibilities available in each Universe. It is only when they are fully integrated and completed that the cycle ends with it. This does not mean, however, that life ends, because souls travel between universes just as nutrients travel between trees. Life is eternal, but about that, another time ...

I hope you now understand why the Law of Karma exists and why by harming others you ultimately harm Yourself. Why your every decision echo and your every healing affect your loved ones as well. We are One and we create this world together. Below I am attaching a scientific video showing one, thick branch of the Universe, made of galaxies. The Milky Way is part of such a Branch (called the Super Cluster).


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