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There has been a solution to your problems for thousands of years...

Do you know that there is a way to understand your life, its purpose, and destiny? Do you know that there is an effective method to lead you to harmony in relationships? Do you know that for every problem you face, there is a solution? Do you know that what brings success in one person's life may not necessarily bring it to you? Do you sometimes feel that by following someone else's advice, you are not reaching the same promised destinations?

This is completely normal! Each of us has a different recipe for happiness. One thing leads to harmonious relationships for you and another for someone else. What leads to success for one person is different than for you. A problem in your life is one thing and another in someone else's. Comparing yourself only slows down your development and causes you to wander in circles. Do you waste your time thinking about what is wrong with you? Do you wonder why something isn't working in your life? Are you waiting for something to magically change, but it keeps coming back to you like a boomerang? Do you tell yourself that you have accepted the way things are when you have simply given up trying because you don't know what to do about it or how to get out of it? I know the answers. I can help you! This is not my belief. I know this! Are you ready to know the solution?


There are tools that allow me to understand myself more and the meaning and significance of situations that are inevitably approaching my life. I can use them to help you, or you can learn to use them on your own. Before you judge them through the lens of prejudices or conditioning imposed by the society you live in, try them in your own life. Don't be a sheep, following the herd and repeating what others say. Before you conclude that "they probably don't work," give them a chance. The tools I use, and which you can learn to use too, can help in many ways. Among them are:

  • Help in loving yourself as you are with all your potential.

  • Assistance in understanding yourself, your tendencies, thoughts, communication, emotions, psyche (if you believe in it), value system, will, beliefs, and many other issues.

  • Assistance in understanding specific areas of life, such as passion, finances (and their generation), mind and communication, family foundations and relationships, romance and the need for fun, work and health, long-term relationships and partnerships, intimacy, debts, personal development, ambitions, goals, dreams, friendships, subconsciousness, and spirituality.

  • Revealing the key to success in a specific area of life.

  • Uncovering solutions to your problems and the causes and meaning of challenges you face in life.

  • Explaining your destiny (what life is trying to teach you).

  • Preparing you for upcoming challenges and opportunities and checking what they will be (yes, to some extent, the future can be predicted!). Don't believe it's possible? First, verify it before drawing a conclusion unsupported by your own experience, but only heard from others who also heard it "from somewhere."

Sure, feel free to continue with the interview scenario. If you have specific questions or topics you'd like the physicist and biologist to address, please go ahead, and I'll help you with the responses.

REPORTER: What is the importance of stars?
PHYSICIST: Stars are powerful sources of energy and objects with a strong gravitational field. They emit energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, and the most commonly known example of such waves is light.
REPORTER: What is the importance of the Sun for human life?
PHYSICIST: The Sun, like every star, is a huge nuclear reactor in which the processes of particle collisions and their decay take place all the time. As a result of this process, huge amounts of radiation are produced, including thermal radiation. The appropriate distance of the Earth from the Sun means that the energies emitted by the Sun optimally heat and illuminate the Earth.
BIOLOGIST: The Sun is the main source of energy for life on Earth. Plants draw energy from light, and life develops on our planet thanks to the appropriate amount of heat given off by the Sun. Plants that store solar energy in their tissues are eaten by herbivorous organisms, which then serve as a meal for carnivorous organisms. Any organism that dies is broken down into simpler compounds by bacteria and fungi. These simple compounds are then absorbed by plant roots, which use them, along with sunlight and water, to build tissues. This is how energy circulates in nature.

REPORTER: What is the importance of electromagnetic waves and radiation reaching the Earth for organisms living on it?
PHYSICIST: Electromagnetic radiation carries energy of a specific frequency. Depending on the amount of energy carried, the radiation takes the form of radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, light waves, UV radiation or gamma radiation. Most of the radiation reaching the Earth is filtered by its electromagnetic field and atmospheric layers such as the ionosphere. This is why when strong waves from the Sun reach the Earth, aurora borealis may appear in the sky.
BIOLOGIST: I would like to add that gamma radiation is an important factor causing mutations. Mutations are random changes in our DNA that lead to the development of new features in living organisms. Mutations are the main source of evolution. They increase the diversity of life on Earth and cause the phenomenon of natural selection. For example, if a mutation is created that produces light-colored mice in a bright environment, it will be easier for them to blend in and avoid a predator than for dark-colored mice that contrast with this environment.

REPORTER: Can radiation coming from space be a source of changes in our DNA and a driving force of evolution?
BIOLOGIST: Absolutely. However, it is worth noting that excessive amounts of radiation are highly harmful to living organisms.
PHYSICIST: Correct. It is worth adding, however, that thanks to the fact that the Earth reflects most of the radiation reaching from space, life on Earth is possible.

So we see that the energy of the Stars actually has an impact on human life on Earth. Radiation causes "random" mutations. There is a tool that can determine the direction of changes taking place within you and the changes taking place throughout the planet. As it turns out, it has been known for thousands of years that the energy of stars regulates all life processes. It was known that this was not random and a whole system and science was created to study how these changes occur. This science is ASTROLOGY. Yes, Astrology is a science. The fact that it ambitiously reaches towards the interpretation of cosmic energy does not make it just a belief. It is based on experience. Everyone can make their own experience with Astrology. The only "but" is that there are plenty of misleading sources of astrological knowledge that are actually not reliable and mislead people. However, I researched different sources and different systems to find the one that had the greatest potential to help other people. My mission is to help other people. My mission is to support planetary evolution in a way that promotes life without suffering.

If you would like to see how a tool with several thousand years of human experience works in practice, I invite you to an individual session. There I will help you understand yourself, solve problems, reveal the keys to success and tell you a little about the energies approaching your life.


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