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What is healing? Who is the Healer?

Since spiritual development is a personal and internal phenomenon, why do so many work with healers? What exactly is healing? Who is a healer?

Let's start by presenting the difference between treatment and healing. Thanks to this, it will be easier for us to reject certain myths about healing.



  • It focuses on removing physical or mental illness from the physical body;

  • It focuses on removing the consequences - symptoms;

  • It focuses on the external (physical) world and avoiding the consequences;

  • Illness is bad, it is a weakness in the body;

  • The doctor deals with the treatment.



  • It focuses on restoring and maintaining full health - harmony;

  • It focuses on removing the cause of illness from the mind and spirit;

  • Illness is a consequence of our lifestyle or karmic situation;

  • It focuses on the interior and taking responsibility for oneself;

  • * You could say that the classical psychologist is a healer, limited to a mental and emotional level. *

Let us now fully move on to healing. The word "heal" comes from an Old Germanic word meaning "to restore all being, to restore full health." Healing is about tuning human energy to a harmonious state in which the human being is aware of his energy, causes and effects, and that is why negative consequences cease to appear in his life. Such a person becomes responsible, healthy, aware and opens up to his highest potential. THE SESSION REQUIRES FROM THE CLIENT:

  • Taking responsibility for oneself (the healer is not a rescuer, but a guide who helps the client understand himself more; the healer does not take responsibility for the other person, but helps him take it for himself);

  • Willingness to test and make changes (the healing session is very important, but even more important is whether the client implements the changes suggested by the healer);

  • Open mind to different perspectives (if the client's perspective was sufficient and complete, he would not have to seek help - the client should be aware that he is missing something about himself or how life and the world works, and that is why he needs a healing session - restoring full picture);

  • Receptivity (openness to suggestions) and interest in one's own situation (the client should be interested in the cause of his problems and work with the healer to become aware of and release this cause);

Each human being is a powerful being, capable of healing himself. So why is a healer needed? THE HEALER IS A PERSON WHO HAS:

  • A range of tools and knowledge, accelerating the insight into the client's situation.

  • Skills (and sometimes psychic abilities) that facilitate the understanding of karmic processes, energy, and the schemas present in the client.

  • High vibration and can create a field of high energy resonance. Such a field helps the client to raise the vibration during the session and from this elevated position it is easier to gain insight into his situation. The higher the vibration, the easier it is to be clear and easily accessible to universal truths.

  • A high level of personal development, thanks to which he shares not only knowledge, but also wisdom. A high level of personal development reduces the chances of malicious programs penetrating (if a healer were a lost man in ignorance, his advice would be potentially harmful).

  • Expanded empathy because he has lived many life lessons himself.

  • The ability to release emotional, mental and spiritual blocks and counseling on the path of spiritual development.

Accordingly, it is worth working with a healer! It gives a sense of support on the way, the presence of another person and guidance. Thanks to the healer, you will know the direction in which it would be beneficial to change and you will get the tools needed for this change. Remember that a good healer serves from the level of Divine Unity and helps other living beings by working from the heart level.


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