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Who are We? What is human being?

As humans, are we a physical body or do we only have it? In fact, when I say human, I mean the essence of consciousness that has the experience of life in the human body. We are spiritual beings who came to Earth to undergo certain life lessons, for which the human form is well suited. One could say that our soul has put on a robe that allows us to explore the right piece of reality in which the lessons we are interested in are.

Consciousness is not human but uses human experience to evolve in the world of matter. Consciousness travels through all realms and realities, exploring and learning from them. Thus, it collects universal information about the work of creation. It does it in a cycle even greater than life and death - the cycle of descension and ascension. It consists of the soul (including consciousness) leaving the Absolute Unity and beginning to descend gradually through different realms and dimensions to the lower worlds, and then, gaining great wisdom, beginning its journey back home. Consciousness is fully awakened when the journey home must start. Just as it descended into the lower worlds through love, it must return home through evolution.


God (the Source of All Love) is in everything, filling all existence. He is not a person, but the absolute information, function, spiritual essence, activity, and intelligence of all Being. If the world is ruled by mathematics and our minds have some computing power, then the phenomenon of God is completely beyond such power of the individual. Therefore, God is impossible to understand and comprehend. A better question instead of "Who is God?" would be "What is this powerful phenomenon of God?" Each of us calls it differently, and I will call it the Source of All Love or the Absolute. It contains all the information needed to manage, distribute, create, and teach the entire universe, and it is found everywhere, including inside of you.

As beings of consciousness, we absorb life wisdom from experiences using personality. Note that personality is not a "person" but an imitation of one. Personality is a collection of experiences, traits, and tendencies. It leads our lives to specific places where we meet the lessons that our soul (us as spiritual beings) wants to learn. It can be said that our personality is the driver who moves along the route designated by destiny. Personality fits destiny like a lock on a key - it attracts situations fixed in the design of destiny.


Let us imagine for a moment that consciousness (i.e. our soul, our being) is an investor. She invests in human life, knowing that she can extract valuable information from it and thus grow - take the next step on the path of returning to the Source of Love. It is she who is the investor of the entire project, in which the selection of the appropriate place of birth and home circumstances have been planned in advance. This helps creating an ideal personality to lead life in accordance with destiny. Imagine that when consciousness comes to Earth, she rents a vehicle to travel and interact with the physical world - that vehicle is the physical body. Consciousness itself needs specific lessons in this world, and for this purpose she hires the driver of the vehicle - the personality. The personality will move us through life from situation to situation. Why? By developing certain qualities during adolescence, the adult personality begins to attract situations in life that correspond to the lessons of life. Consciousness is the investor, the human body is the vehicle, destiny is the map, and personality is the driver who knows the route very well. Let's add one more element – an empty mind - a notebook in which we will write down our beliefs, theses, ideas and test them all, in order to finally be able to expand our consciousness. The mind is a kind of place where we create drafts of our concepts of reality. More about the mind at a different time - now let's get back to the example. Where is consciousness in all of this? Well, she sits quietly in the backseat, taking a nap. Sometimes, when the road presents a very high level of difficulty and the personality don’t know how to deal with the challenges on the road, consciousness may awake. There are also techniques that awaken her without such a stimulus. If, on the other hand, the path is simple and shows no difficulties, the personality records subsequent conclusions in the mind without having to awaken consciousness.


Another example illustrating the relationship of body, personality, destiny, consciousness and mind is an example related to making a movie. From this perspective, life is like a movie. The physical body is the actor, the personality is the screenwriter who knows the script (destiny) perfectly well, and consciousness is the director. The soul, on the other hand, is the producer - the investor of the entire show, while the mind is still a notebook and all rehearsals that do not take place on the stage in front of the audience.

A human being is a being that contains all of the above-mentioned elements. It is made of :

  • Physical body - it is an archive of genetic memory that stores information and life processes (lessons) available in the world of matter. It is our material form, vehicle, avatar. Which genes and life lessons are active in the body depends on what kind of personality has been shaped.

  • Mental Field (Mind) - a perfect laboratory where all information is created, sent, checked, processed, etc. The Mental Field consists of three layers:

  1. Unconscious layer: This is where your unconscious impulses and defense mechanisms are located.

  2. Ego: our personality, belief systems, etc.

  3. Temporary field of consciousness: it is here that we collect verified and accepted human experiences (life wisdom).

  • Spirit Field (sometimes called the Soul) - it is a place called Eternal Consciousness. It is here that the consciousness that goes beyond the present life is stored. It is with this field that the temporary field of consciousness at the time of death blends. This field is also called Christ Consciousness.

In conclusion, we are spiritual beings who descend into the physical world, traveling through this world in a physical body with an empty mind that will gradually be filled with information. As we grow up, our physical body activates and silences subsequent genes - this way, changes occur in a person's electromagnetic field, which attract different situations. Different genes - different lessons stored in genetic library. In this way, our personality is created and changed (by silencing and activating various genes), which allows us to learn specific life lessons. Personality fits and moves in its area, attracting relevant life lessons. All verified experiences (wisdom) will be stored in the conscious area of the mind. From there, they will be uploaded into the soul eternal consciousness during the process of death.


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