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Expansive Emotions

(Transit) Moon conjunct Jupiter


Few hours.

How often:

Each Moon Cycle.

If the transit could speak:

"Where the heart is full, the soul dances."


The Moon governs our emotions, instincts, and subconscious patterns. In its transits, the Moon touches upon our inner landscapes, influencing our emotional and psychological states. These transits can bring fleeting moods and feelings to the surface, offering insights into our inner needs and emotional well-being.


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Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, luck, and wisdom. It influences growth, prosperity, and the broadening of our horizons through education, travel, and philosophy. Jupiter’s transits bring opportunities for development, success, and exploration of new potentials. These transits encourage optimism and abundance, but they also prompt us to consider our moral and ethical boundaries.

#growth #perspectives #opportunities #prosperity #beliefs #faith


The Moon conjunct Jupiter is a beautifully optimistic alignment that brings a sense of abundance and expansiveness to emotional expressions. When the Moon, which governs our feelings, habits, and subconscious needs, meets with Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism, and expansion, the result is a significant increase in our emotional capacity. This transit often heralds a period where you feel more generous, understanding, and morally courageous. It's a time of emotional growth, where the boundaries of the heart are stretched, and there's an overwhelming urge to embrace, share, and enhance joy and happiness. You may find yourself more willing to offer support and empathy, not just to close ones but also to strangers or those in broader communities. This aspect can also magnify feelings of contentment and gratitude, making it easier to see the blessings in life. Additionally, it can provoke a strong interest in spiritual or philosophical pursuits as you seek to find deeper meaning in your emotional experiences.

what to do

  • Engage in charitable activities or help those in need.

  • Explore philosophical or spiritual teachings that resonate with your beliefs.

  • Take the time to express your feelings to those you care about.

  • Plan or embark on a journey that could broaden your horizons.

  • Use this optimistic phase to set intentions that reflect your higher values and aspirations.

what to avoid

  • Overindulgence in emotions or material comforts.

  • Neglecting everyday responsibilities in pursuit of pleasure or philosophical quests.

  • Oversharing personal emotions without considering the context or setting.

  • Ignoring practical details in your plans or visions.

  • Becoming so expansive in your outlook that you lose sight of your current resources or limitations.

DALL·E 2024-05-17 09.25.24 - A vertical illustration of the Moon cycle without any sentenc

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