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Evil is an illusion. Shadow is a suppression. The truth lies in the depths.

We only perceive a few percent of what is available in the space of potential, while the remaining 95% is filtered through programs, most of which have been encoded in us during childhood to prepare us for life in human civilization. Is the 5% we call perception truer than the 95%? Not necessarily...

The human being is a portal through which various cosmic forces (Source energy) pass. Our electromagnetic field interacts with the space around us, causing specific forms and experiences to emerge from space (at the quantum level). Consciousness learns through contact with physical reality, materialized through the filters of the mind ingrained in childhood to navigate life in human civilization and the lessons it brings. Humans, as conduits for the energy of the Source, project their inner reality onto the external world and reflect upon themselves within it as if looking into a mirror. This process led the human mind to create gods in its likeness and then attribute human creation to the gods (what a paradox). Consequently, the mind projects inner concepts into the external realm to gain a deeper understanding. For instance, white individuals envisioned a white Jesus to grasp the Christ consciousness within, while darker-skinned communities also depicted gods resembling themselves. Religions, thus formed, describe universal inner processes. However, the error of religious proponents lies in placing these gods external to humans, causing psychological discord, spiritual division, and eventual forgetfulness. How can we recall our divine essence when we project it outward, failing to realize it is an aspect of our inner world? Disconnecting from it only breeds separation.

Human beings not only project themselves in the form of gods but also project their simpler psychological processes onto others, leading to the phenomenon of hypocrisy. Projection triggers a response within us, making our ego feel moved or attacked - it triggers defense mechanisms. Through this, we can recognize that it was indeed a projection. In astrology, the phenomenon of projection is often described by the opposition between planets in both natal and transit charts.

Another aspect is that the human physical body originates from reptiles. Mammals evolved from reptiles (with transitional forms in between). From mammals emerged humanoid beings, from which humans arose or were created. This can be observed, for instance, through the development of the human embryo in the mother's womb, during which the embryo undergoes accelerated stages of evolution. It resembles a fish, then an amphibian (with webbed fingers), followed by a reptile (with a tail that later disappears), a mammal, and finally takes on a human form. This demonstrates that at a very deep level, our ancestors are reptiles. Reptiles ensured our survival, dominating the Earth for millions of years. They proved to possess tremendous vitality and resilience. We carry their heritage within us.

What factors determine the formation of the electromagnetic field surrounding us? This field is the outcome of biochemical interactions. Our body's chemistry is influenced by both external inputs and the products our DNA permits our bodies to generate. Consequently, our perception is likewise influenced by our DNA, which can be modified through epigenetics during our lifespan. One might liken DNA to a repository of genetic programs, while perception acts as the projector manifesting these programs in reality. Given our possession of reptilian genes, we also project these genetic traits outwardly. Additionally, a portion of our brain has its origins in reptilian ancestry.

The greater our inner suppression, the more we externalize it. Likewise, the more we ignore external events, the greater the inner conflict we create. This tendency leads humans to project their reptilian aspects outward, often visualized as humanoid reptilian creatures. The strength of projection is considerable; hence, when internal suppression is intense, it can manifest externally, with the original psychological process left unmanaged.

Our genes are like programs, and our perception is the projector.

When we project the image of a reptilian onto others, we attribute to them characteristics typical of reptiles, such as the use of symbolism (often considered magic), the establishment of secret orders (reptiles value the struggle for dominance), or ritualism. It's worth noting that reptiles, at their evolutionary level, did not yet possess mechanisms, feelings, or emotions geared toward building closeness, love, or happiness. From a mammalian perspective, they seem to live in a colder psychological world. Therefore, reptilians are often depicted as beings incapable of experiencing love, while the human ego places itself on a pedestal, either sympathizing with these beings or fearing their nature. If you perceive someone as a reptilian, it means that the external reality is trying to help you connect with the inner part of your reptilian nature and understand it. The more you judge it, the more you karmically distort your reality to your detriment. The reptilian part of the brain governs instincts (sexuality, aggression, power) and deep sleep. It operates more reflexively and is geared towards tension regulation. Tension between individuals in herds may have been regulated through aggression, sexual tension through sex, and feelings of impotence through dominance. As humans, we need to learn to regulate these tensions in a different, healthier, and more civilized way. Reptilian perception is based on the simplicity of symbols and the ability to instinctively choose when encountering a particular shape in the environment. It's worth noting that because this part of the brain seeks to reduce tensions, when we suppress our reptilian part, the amount of compulsions or obsessions increases, resulting in involuntary reactions that seem like being taken over by some unconscious force. This is the "energy swing" effect. The longer you push away your reptilian part, the more energy it accumulates, and ultimately, it will still be expressed, but chaotically. Certain individuals may perceive these manifestations as energy assaults. However, from the perspective of unified consciousness, they are not attacks but rather unassimilated aspects of your Divine Unity seeking acknowledgment.

Human beings are portals through which you express yourself and evolve your consciousness. Genes serve as a library of information projected by the Mind onto the external world.

Growing up in human society, layers of shame develop within us, partly because we cannot express our natural, wild, and spontaneous selves. This stems from the fact that civilization is based on certain norms that often do not align with how we want to express ourselves. The reptilian heritage pushed into the subconscious transforms into pathological shadows. The unconscious mind begins to separate from them and labels them as dark beings, inner demons (sometimes projected outward), or cosmic reptilians. However, the mistake lies in the lack of understanding and interpretation of reality at the level of beliefs, not at the level of truth. At the level of truth, we are United Consciousness. At the level of truth, we create concepts within ourselves, including the concept of humanoid reptilians, to which we do not give love ourselves. At the level of truth, what is dark is not evil, but misunderstood. At the level of truth, morality, and karma are not related to reptilian instinct and shadow. That's why in astrology, we recognize that Saturn rules karma and the world of morality, while Pluto rules the shadow, obsessions, and instincts. Transits of these planets are great opportunities to work through the aforementioned themes. In psychology, we refer to this reptilian part of ourselves as the Id or "Shadow Self".

When you suppress and deny certain aspects of yourself, they can rebel and occasionally take control. You may notice this when attempting to change habits, only to find yourself compulsively reverting later on. This occurs because unintegrated parts of your identity manifest in a disordered manner. Disconnecting from your reptilian ancestry can exacerbate this chaotic expression. Collectively, this contributes to the formation of gangs, cults, criminal organizations, as well as industries such as pornography and drugs, all characterized by obsession, compulsion, power struggles, and in the case of cults, ritualism.

Finally, I have a few more questions for you:

  • Is darkness synonymous with evil?

  • What is the appearance of creatures living at the ocean's depths? Do they appear endearing?

  • How about animals predominantly active at night?

  • Is there inherent evil in what lurks in the shadows?

  • Why did humans connect darkness with malevolence?

  • How does this relate to the fear of oneself?

Explore your world autonomously. Embrace truth and distinguish it from beliefs, perceptions, convictions, and fantasies.

If you seek deeper insights into the concept of the "shadow self," the Id, and the reptilian brain, I suggest visiting my YouTube channel (Matt Stardream), where I regularly upload videos on these topics. Additionally, in the upcoming weeks, I'll be sharing a video on integrating your reptilian side and your shadow self. You're cordially invited to join me. Join my YouTube community HERE.


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