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Venus and Mars begin the new cycle! [21-24.02.2024] This transit marks a cosmic union of the masculine and feminine.

This transit marks a cosmic union of the masculine and feminine. It's a great time to harmonize these two forces within yourself. Do you still have too much of one energy or too little of the other?

What does this mean for the ego? It undergoes harmonization through relationships with others. Let relationships soften your ego. If loved ones tell you that your behavior hurts them, instead of clinging to your perspective, accept that in their reality, it is as they say. Stop denying and defending your ego, and start harmonizing it to achieve success and balance in relationships. It's not about who is right or wrong, but about bravely working towards achieving common harmony.

What does it mean for desires? It's worth accepting that we have the right to desire and pursue what we want. However, it's important to check if these desires align with our priorities and help us achieve greater harmony in life. Mars acting for Venus (desires aligned with your value system) brings much greater benefits than indulgence, sabotage, or hedonism. You can indulge in temptations. You can love pleasure and allow yourself to indulge but don't go overboard. Choose desires that bring happiness rather than being enslaved by them. Also, remember that passive dwelling in desire, without taking active steps, will not lead you to your goal!

What does it mean for sexual energy? Certainly, this energy is increasing. What is your relationship with sexual energy? Is it healthy? Do you harmoniously express this energy? It's time to start a new cycle! It's time to use it consciously. It's not always worth using it physically. Sometimes you can channel it into art, the courage to take a key step in self-realization or transform it into full motivation for action. Physical intimacy doesn't always have to lead to orgasm.

What does it mean for priorities and value systems? It's a great time to start another, over a year-long cycle, where your actions will be aligned with your priorities. Tempt your ego with the vision of a more enjoyable life so that desires align with what truly matters to you. Let go of the obsession with work. Notice that action alone will not get you there either. It's too compulsive. Your body and mind also need rest. You need to know when it's worth stepping back and taking a breath of relief. When it's worth taking a hot bath to relax, and when a cold shower to encourage action.

What does it mean for interpersonal relationships? It's a good time to express your feelings and actively improve the state of relationships. It's a moment when you can do what you both desire together. It's a good time to realize that interpersonal relationships are an energetic dynamic that takes place between two independent egos. Love flourishes when these two sides find energetic harmony between them. This is possible when we let go of control and the game of "who is right", and instead recognize both our own and others' egos.

What does it mean for art? It's a wonderful time to use your energy for this purpose. Express yourself artistically. Explore your creativity. Actively express different parts of yourself (preferably through types of art that require movement or strength). Dance in your life between controlling the flow of energy and letting go of that control and surrendering to the waves of cosmic harmony. Learn to swim between your own and the Higher power, acknowledging both as valuable.


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