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You are what you eat - food affects your consciousness (and vibration).

Do you know that food has a powerful impact on your vibration? Do you know that the lower the vibration of your food, the heavier you will feel after consuming it? Does your food increase your awareness and sense of presence or diminish them?

Food also has its own vibration and keeps you at a certain level of consciousness. As a physical being, humans need to provide nourishment to their physical bodies. As awareness levels increase and the activation of the light body progresses, this need decreases. In other words, the more we grow in awareness and raise our vibration, the more our diet should change. Imagine that what you consume has a vibration value of 50. When you exceed this value and rise above a vibration level of '50,' it's time to gradually change your diet. Why? If you have a vibration of '70,' and your food has a vibration of '50,' you will feel tired after consuming it - there will be a need for rest and regeneration. This happens because food with lower energy than you will lower your vibration. This is not about sugar levels, as proper portioning and meal frequency maintain the right sugar level!


Substances - alcohol, cigarettes, and other psychoactive substances.

Substances also have their own vibration levels! Painkillers (including opioids) have the lowest vibration, followed by alcohol and nicotine. Next in line are caffeine and stimulants (including amphetamines, cocaine, and others), marijuana, empathogens (MDMA, MDA, and others). Another level of vibration is represented by psychedelic substances - they have a high vibration level, but even this level can be surpassed. If you consume any of these substances, it means that subconsciously you are trying to fill what is missing in your life, such as self-confidence (cocaine), vitality (caffeine), authentic self-expression and courage (alcohol), security (opioids), and more. I recommend giving up these substances and instead addressing your underlying issues.

Different diets and vibration levels (from lowest to highest):

Omnivorism - eating all types of food. In this category, there is meat, which carries vibrations of harm, limiting free will, aggression, and fear. Most animals from which meat is obtained often experienced such emotions throughout their lives. They were fed genetically modified food and chemically supported with pesticides and other "yield-enhancing" agents. Additionally, omnivorism includes the consumption of "processed foods," which often contain chemicals for preservation, flavor enhancement, or other reasons. Consequently, this type of diet introduces heavy metals, unnecessary chemicals, and low vibrations associated with difficult emotions. This stage of nutrition typically ends when individuals become aware of the above information and realize that many products from this diet are not necessary for survival. Killing "for taste" or due to beliefs in its necessity is ignorance. Compare the teeth of herbivores and humans. Compare the diet of primates and humans. Consider whether humans fulfill their role in nature and whether, like predators, they help maintain the quantitative balance of herbivores in ecosystems or indulge in empty gluttony, justifying it in various ways to avoid feeling worse about themselves. What if aliens arrived and considered us primitive animals, setting up factories and consuming human flesh for taste? Would you still consider that normal?

Before moving on to the next stage, let's ask ourselves similar questions about cows. Did you know that male cow offspring born in dairy factories are quickly killed because they are not useful for milk production? If alien beings were to hold human women captive and stimulate lactation in them (through insemination) to have a taste of "delicious morning milk," would you still find it normal? Would boys be killed as well? What is the vibration of milk? Do you need to drink it?

Pescetarianism - a diet that limits meat consumption to fish. It still involves killing and disrupting aquatic ecosystems or farming with the intention of slaughter for taste or sport. It continues to involve denying one's impact on the environment and unawareness of absorbing the vibrations present in fish meat.

Vegetarianism - eliminating meat (including fish) while allowing dairy and eggs in the diet. In this case, individuals still consume milk, which contains opioid-like proteins that create dependency in young calves. Every type of milk contains such proteins to increase a young organism's sense of security, well-being, and association with food. Does an adult body still need to use this system designed by nature for young organisms? Do humans need to steal milk from other species? Is it necessary for their survival? Is it worth tormenting other living beings for the sake of taste? Is stealing eggs, even unfertilized ones, any better? It's like throwing placenta after birth to dogs so they can consume it. It's not necessary! Of course, just like with substances, because there is a lack of a sense of security in civilization, anything that to some extent creates an illusion of it can attract us. When humans develop vitality, trust in life, and courage, it will be easier to give up meat and dairy. When they understand the concept of karma and develop morality toward all life systems, it will come even more naturally. Furthermore, even in medical schools, they teach that meat (especially beef and pork) is a carcinogen these days. Did you know that wild animals do not develop tumors unless they live near civilization?

Veganism - a diet that completely eliminates meat and animal products (dairy, eggs, etc.). This is the first diet from a higher, closer harmonic octave. People following this diet consume various forms of plants (fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, etc.). Vegans, like all previous diets, still process their food – cooking, frying, baking, canning, freezing, etc. At this stage, they begin to take an interest in the naturalness of food and the level of processing it undergoes. A higher octave of veganism is organic veganism, which involves consuming food from organic and ecological farming. Veganism does not harm animals in any way and does not require vast expanses of land for animal feed (often leading to deforestation and soil depletion - disrupting local ecosystems). Instead, veganism promotes fruit orchards (mini-forests) and permaculture (the science of creating artificial balanced ecosystems for plant-based food production). People at this stage live in full health and enjoy longevity.

Raw organic veganism - a diet that completely eliminates food processing. Food is organic, natural, and fresh. According to raw veganism, any processed food loses some of its valuable qualities provided by nature. People on this diet focus on consuming naturally occurring foods - raw ones.

Frutarianism - consuming only plants that nature designed for consumption. Fruits are a system that plants created for animals to encourage them to spread their seeds. Fruitarians no longer consume plant embryos (seeds) because they are too valuable (containing the potential for life). They only eat vegetables that are fruits (seed carriers for planting), such as peppers and tomatoes. At this stage of consciousness, humans also help plants reproduce - not only taking but also giving something in return. They not only consume but also scatter seeds, plant trees, etc.

Monofruitarianism - a stage where a person prepares for a massive evolutionary leap, on the brink of activating additional DNA structures capable of converting light and ethereal energy into life energy. Monofruitarianism involves gradual steps towards breaking free from food dependency. These steps are taken by limiting the diet to consuming a single type of fruit, such as bananas. The monofruitarian stage is not mandatory, but some consider it useful as a brief transitional phase between solid and liquid diets.

Juice Diet - another stage that initiates the induction and activation of the 12 DNA strands. It is a further step in detoxifying the body. This stage may be physically felt as a profound transformation occurring within the body (no wonder, as humans activate silicon-based crystalline structures in their bodies and gain increasingly crystalline-like abilities). This diet involves consuming only fruit juices or water. The longer one is on this diet, the more the consumption of juices should decrease in favor of water.

Breatharianism - the final known stage of dietary transformation. At this point, humans have fully activated new DNA strands and can extract life energy without consuming physical food. Such individuals nourish themselves with prana (life energy), small amounts of water, oxygen, and light.


One should not rush their own transformation, and dietary changes should occur gradually over years. For the final stages, such as breatharianism, it is essential to work with people who have already undergone such activation. Never do this alone! Never make drastic dietary changes in a short period, especially during pregnancy! Give your body time to adjust to the changes. Each dietary change triggers transformations in the body that require time to occur. Be patient and undertake this responsibly, at your own pace!


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